Country desingnater for ships

  • I have project going trying to find country designater for Germany, Japan and Russia ships for wwII
    Hms for UK
    USS for US

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    We always talk about IJN, IDK if it was due to naval calling.
    I hope CWO Marc will chime in.

  • Thanks I thought that might be Japan but wasn’t sure

  • '17 '16

    IJN meant for Imperial Japanese Navy, but IDK the real call sign.

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    Those abbreviations are known as ship prefixes.  It depends on how official you want to be, because not all countries had them at the time of WWII.  The terms “USS” (for United States Ship) and “HMS” (for His/Her Majesty’s Ship) are well established and have a long tradition of use.  Strictly speaking, there’s no “ANZAC” equivalent, because “ANZAC” isn’t a country, but there are established Australian and New Zealand counterparts to HMS: HMAS for His/Her Majesty’s Australian Ship and HMNZS for His/Her Majesty’s New Zealand Ship.  HMAS superficially looks as though its “A” stands for ANZAC (even though it doesn’t actually stand for that), so it might be your best option for use.

    Germany had an equivalent term in WWI: SMS, meaning “Seiner Majestat Schiff” (“His Majesty’s Ship”).  In WWII, however, it was no longer in use.  German WWII warships are sometimes unofficially prefixed “KMS” (for Kriegsmarine Schiffe) in WWII historical literature, so that’s probably your best bet depending on the specific nature of your project, but as far as I know it’s not an official usage.  I’ve similarly seen WWII Japanese warships unofficially prefixed IJN – but note that in addition to being unofficial, this usage is not a “ship possessive” and is not even Japanese, it’s an abbreviation of the English version of the name of the Japanese WWII naval service (IJN, the abbreviation of Imperial Japanese Navy, whose actual Japanese name was Nippon Kaigun).  That’s probably still your best bet anyway, since IJN is a fairly well known acronym.

    I’m not aware of the USSR or France using such prefixes during WWII, so you may want to devise your own, based, on either the Russian and French names of their navies (as in the case of KMS) or on the English translation of the names of their navies (as in the case of IJN).

  • Thanks much appreciated I’m trying to make customized l.P.C.
    For my game gonna have pitcher of country leaders on front and
    Pitchers of unit types on back

  • Using classic turn order for different denominations of bills
    $ 1 will be Russian
    $ 5 German
    $ 10. United kingdom
    $ 20 Japan
    $ 50 United States

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