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  • That’s correct on Calcutta

    I am gonna stick to Taj Mahal for Calcutta

    gonna add a few cities to my custom map I am making. The other Calcutta would make a great Peking as an example

    here is a pic of UK


  • Bob77, yes those pictures are of the larger set.

  • Maybe a bit too much for some of them. Cairo looks ridiculous big and Ottawa should lose the Christmas tree. But they are still better than the tiny ones. These capitals are the object of the game, the home of the leaders, the difference between a win or lose. They should be big. But this was just a bit much. Down 10 percent.

  • Here are the painted versions

    UK here has 2 London markers. Small and big
    Cairo I tried to give a hue to make it known its UK…not sold on the concept.


  • US


  • Germany

    Axis 1.JPG

  • Axis

    Axis 2.JPG

  • Russia


  • France and ANZAC


  • Looking great, EBard! Are we getting close to being officially available? Getting the itch:-)

  • 2017 '15

    Got my sets in the mail. Have to say that I am very impressed with the pieces. I concur with basically everything that Leatherneckinlv has stated about the sculpts. Not a fan of the size of Leningrad or Ottawa, beautiful pieces just need to be downsized. I do not like the Cairo pyramid, too big for sure, and not 100% on the design itself. Maybe a sculpt with a couple pyramids on it? Or would that be too close to the Ossel design?  Leatherneckinlv beat me to the pictures and the painting, so I won’t jam up the thread with unnecessary pictures. I love the Shanghai pieces and plan to reorder the upsized original capital city pieces.

    Thanks to eBard for letting me pre-order.

  • 2017 '15

    All the sculpts were top notch. Detail and quality are phenomenal. Leatherneckinlv’s photos dont show the level of quality on the Honolulu piece, there is a tiny cross on top of the sculpt, really adds to it. Really like the painting on Leatherneckinlv’s models.

  • I just got my set in the mail today too. Based on a two-second glance at the pieces, they all look pretty good; nothing broken or otherwise wrong with the printing process. Honolulu tower was a bit small, so I will probably scale that up for the smaller set. I’ll try to post pictures tonight.

    For the bigger set, my plan is to swap out the Leningrad, Cairo, and Ottawa sculpts with the ones from the smaller set. That happens to be an easy fix to get all the sculpts the same size on the bigger set.

    As for the pyramid, I need to look closer at the smaller version tonight and see how I feel about it. I think I designed it in the smaller scale and then scaled it up for the larger version, so it’s possible this version may look better. I also have a few ideas of how I might be able to make it better, so I’ll experiment tonight and see what I can come up with.

    My first attempt at making the Cairo sculpt actually included the three pyramids on it; but I really didn’t like it because each pyramid was tiny yet the sculpt as a whole was quite large (bigger than the current pyramid). My second attempt was the single pyramid that we received.

  • Pictures of the smaller set. Here are all the pieces together. (painted pieces are the original set of capital cities)


  • More pictures…


  • And more pictures… First is of the smaller pyramid, which I actually don’t think looks too bad. Second picture is of the original capitals that I redid.

    I’m currently painting the pyramid to see if that changes how it looks. I’m leaning towards using the smaller pyramid in both sets; that was the size I designed the model for and I think it looks fine in-person. The other option I’m considering is creating a version with flat sides (no steps), maybe with a different sharper angle to the top, and offering it in White Strong & Flexible to achieve the not-smooth look from a distance.


  • I like the larger scale for most of the pieces. Can i get them at the smaller scale price? 😄

  • 2019 2018 2017

    I personally think the Pyramid looks great with the steps!

    I may be in the minority here, but I don’t see any major changes that need to be made. Having three pyramids on the piece, while it would look great if doable, is also going a bit far to the unnecessary in my opinion. I think we all need to remember that 1) EBard is being awesome in taking everyone’s suggestions here, but in the end these are his pieces! You don’t like them, don’t buy them. 2) This are just gaming aids, and not the focal point of the entire game. That’s my thought anyways. As long as they stand out, look cool, and give my pieces a visual objective to shoot for, I’m okay with everything!

  • Here are some pictures of the pyramid painted, I really think at the smaller size it looks fine. This is on the Global War 36 oversized board.

    So I’m going to use the smaller pyramid in both sets, same as Leningrad and Ottawa. And when I say “smaller” I do want to be clear that these three pieces are exactly the same size as the larger set’s Stalingrad factory. So if anything they were probably oversized to begin with.

    I’ll work on getting the sets ready now and they should be available for purchase later tonight or tomorrow at latest.


  • Hurray!!!

  • 2018 2017 '16

    I’m still waiting for my set. It must have gotten hung up in customs at the border.

  • Ok, the sets are all available for purchase on my Shapeways shop. Here is the link to the page listing them all. Please let me know if anything is confusing or if you encounter any problems… otherwise, enjoy!

  • Awesome! Just ordered my set(s)! Ordered the $9 Sydney/US/Japan set to replace my original capital set as well as the smaller Europe/Pacific, the larger Europe/pacific and the larger capital set. I got them all!!! I Figure I’ll select the size of the pieces I like for each city and gift the others to a friend:-)

    Great work, EBard! Thanks for doing this!!!

  • '16

    I’ve put in an order for both new Victory Cities sets in the smaller size compatible with your original run of capitals. The latter are a constant hit at any event I attend.

    I didn’t realize that all of the naval vessels you produce are appropriately scaled for A&A. I look forward to making some purchases of cruisers next week, along with the four-stack factories.

  • I got the smaller versions of Cairo, Ottawa and Leningrad……perfect

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