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  • Got my victory cities in today and LOVE them! Thank you soooo much EBard! Fantastic work!

  • Thanks for sharing the video! That’s great to be able to see the two sets side by side…

    … But something doesn’t add up with the sizes of the buildings. Manilla, San Fran, and Calcutta temple are NOT the same between the two sets. They are 5-7 mm different. I just went back and double checked all of my measurements and verified that I uploaded the correct sizes to the larger and smaller sets and everything looks correct. I wonder if Shapeways made a mistake and sent you two copies of the large pieces for those three sculpts? They were printing a bunch of copies of the sets at the same time, maybe a large and a small set got mixed up during the printing process and their staff put the wrong pieces into your’s and someone else’s order… I’m just speculating but that’s the only thing that I can think of to explain why your pieces don’t seem to be the right size.

    Manilla should be 21mm and 26mm lengthwise. San Fran should be 29mm and 37mm long. Calcutta should be 14mm and 18mm wide. Queen’s building should be 12mm and 15mm wide across the middle.

    I’ll also clarify again: Cairo, Leningrad, and Ottawa are identical between the two sets. And Aloha Tower happens to be nearly identical (1mm difference after my last-minute tweaks… didn’t realize it ended up so close).

  • Me too have now got my large sets. They are all very good looking and of high quality. Maybe a bit too large ? There were no middle road, either too small or too large ? But, never mind, I wont start a nag over that, man.

    One issue I want to share here, man, is my problem to see the rational of a bridge, or a church, or a statue, or a railway station, or a pier, to represent the place that the national leader is living. I love the White House, the Reichstag, any kind of City Halls, and buildings that represent places where the national leaders sat in armchairs, smoking sigars and drinking wine while making great decisions. All that makes sense to me. I cant imagine a national leader living under a bridge, like an average hobo, or living in a railway station like a hiker, or even worse, making the grand decisions on a pier like he was a common sailor. The Eifel tower is OK, I have no problem imagine Gamelin and Reynauld leading France from the top of that tower. I guess a temple is OK too, they say God loves the infantry, at least what they told me when I was doing my duty, so no question to that. Butt please, no more bridges …… No nation was ever run by a hobo living under a bridge, man. Just my 2 cents

  • I can see your point on capitals, but its all perspective. Try this angle…
    You win the game by capturing victory cities. These pieces represent the VCs and therefore depict a famous land mark of the specific VC.

  • EBard,

    First-thanks for watching the video! Love your pieces.

    Second - That’s Interesting. I went back and checked my order to make sure I didn’t make a mistake on my end. I confirmed that I did order a large AND small as of each Pacific annd Europe victory city sets. So I guess your assumption is correct - they must have accidentally mixed up a few pieces. No worries. Turns out I like the large better anyway:-)

  • Hello All- For the Anniversary Edition (OOB) board, would you recommend Ebard’s small or large sets?  Thx!

  • I recommend the Large.

  • EBard
    Excellent collection. Do you have a A&A 1914 set in the works? I know a lot of the Capitals are in the original A&A, but the biggest difference is Vienna the capital of Austria. Any thoughts there?

  • '22 '21 '16 '15

    Any possibillty to share the stl files?
    I have access to a really nice DLP printer and would love to print them.

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