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  • I am new to the forums, i have been reading through the 20+ pages and the FAQ for 2 days now. I missed some stuff which are also not mentioned that well in the rule book.

    Lets say i am AH, i attack Venice and the region after the first battle is contested. Can i decide to retreat back to my original TT? Is retreat possible? Maybe i already know the answer but understand it wrong, English isnt my native language 🙂

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    Welcome, Mukremin!

    Retreats as they exist in the WW2 games don’t exist in this one.  You are, however, allowed to move your surviving units out of the contested territory on your next turn.

  • Thank you Krieghund, amazing job you are doing  8-)

    So if i have surviving units in a contested TT i can pull them out on my next turn, does it matter if the opponent counter attacks or stays idle?

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    No, it doesn’t, other than you may have fewer units to withdraw if he/she attacks.

  • So a contested TT can stay idle for many rounds if no one attacks, this may represent some fronts in WW1. Great addition to the boardgame.  🙂

  • played the game yesterday, me and 2 friends were the Central Powers… The allies gave up, Italy and Russia were in collapse. Franca was messed up as well, Ottomans captured the entire east en egypt.

    But one question remains, let say allied power attacks and captures Kiel. May the same power in the same turn reinforce it even though the TT is just captured?
    What about reinforcing Kiel by the same power IF Kiel is still contested?

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    There is only one movement phase in this game (before combat), so movement of units by the same power after combat is not possible in any case.

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