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    I’ll be using this thread to show all the Axis & Allies pictures I receive and collect from the community.



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    From Beavis6 from Whitehorse on his magnetized A&A G40 wall map and gaming accessories.
    _I spent 4-5 years and probably $1,500+ on this.

    It’s 2 sets of Europe 2940 and 2 sets of pacific 1940 (one of each 1st edition and 2nd edition)

    lots of extra pieces and chips from Historical Board Gaming. Triple the original number of grey and red chips

    I printed a slightly larger game board and sandwiched it between sheet metal and thin plexiglass.

    I glued every single game piece from the 4 bought boxes and all the HBG extra pieces each to individual super strong rare earth magnets. 2 magnets under each carrier. All chips magnetized. All roundel flags. All units. Everything same polarity up and down for stacking.

    Raised factories on metal posts with magnets top and bottom. Used old school AA complexes with the 3 or 5 on each.

    It was a lot of $ and experimentation with different glues and materials. Some of the early blues failed others made yucky yellow foam. Gorilla super glue clear gel works best.

    Now it all hangs vertically in my garage. The 6’x4’ game board, plus 2 side sheets of sheet metal that are 4’x4’ each on the sides for all the countries pieces, rules, charts, etc.

    Some fixes: I painted a green spot on the top of every Italian unit because I hated how they were easy to mix up with ussr units.

    Also put proper country roundel flags on the pacific U.K. Territories, Japanese roundels on their starting Chinese territories and U.K. Europe roundels on Canadian provinces.

    White infantry on neutrals with chips.

    We use skull markers (on metal posts on magnets) to mark all combat moves in all the territories with battles every turn.

    I have small red monopoly houses on magnets for all victory cities.

    Smoke and Flames on magnets for damaged battleships or carriers. Also for bases and factories but used on top of chips to represent amount of damage.

    Many numbered roundels on magnets 0-9 for remaining air movement for each unit moved during combat.

    I’m mostly happy with it. My brother-in-law and I play year round. It’s nice being able to take our time. My wife and kids accept it but their friends and their parents probably think I’m crazy. If I could do it all over again I’d try to get a print or prints of the map 25% bigger. Around UK and Germany is just so crowded.

    The rare earth magnets rock. Nothing ever moves unless we want it too. It’s all stuck tight.

    Zoom in pics to see details. It’s not perfect but I keep make improvements_ as I go.

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    The command center


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