Axis and allies battle of the bulge coming out November!!!!

  • Twenty-Five Years of Axis & Allies Celebrated with Three Great Game Options

    Larry Harris, creator of the celebrated Axis & Allies franchise, debuts his first new title in two years with the November release of Axis & Allies Battle of the Bulge. This elaborate, campaign-level board game features over three-hundred individual components, allowing players to recreate Germany’s last major European offensive in monumental detail. Axis & Allies Battle of the Bulge is suitable for two to three players and has an MSRP of $45.00.

    Meanwhile, action in the Axis & Allies Collectible Miniatures Game (CMG) – which debuted in 2005 to critical acclaim - heats up with two expansions in the first half of the year. Each box in these booster-only releases feature nine fully randomized, prepainted, historically authentic miniatures in 15mm scale with varying degrees of rarity to enhance collectability. An A&A Minis Starter Set (August 2005, MSRP $24.99) is required to lead a squad into combat in the Axis & Allies CMG.

    Fire rains from the sky as P-51 Mustangs, Mitsubishi Zeros and Junkers Stukas fuel the furnace of combat in Contested Skies (MSRP $14.99), the March-releasing expansion for the Axis & Allies CMG. Contested Skies marks the debut of aircraft in the A&A Minis game system as the birds of thunder lend needed air support to troops already embroiled in a meat grinder of ground action.

    The assault on Fortress Europe begins with D-Day (MSRP $14.99), available in June. Highlighting units and nations involved in Operation Overlord – including the debut of Canadian troops – D-Day features the introduction of battlefield obstacles: immobile, non nation-specific units like pillboxes and tank traps that add to the realism of game play. Fan requested favorites like the Supermarine Spitfire and Jagdtiger also roar into action.

    “From board games, to computer games to collectible miniatures games and beyond, the Axis & Allies name is universally recognized as the gold standard in World War II gaming,” said Linda Cox, Brand Manager for AVALON HILL at Wizards of the Coast. “The combination of two new releases for the popular A&A Minis tactical skirmish game and a new board game from Larry Harris is the perfect way to celebrate twenty-five years of Axis & Allies.”

    For more information on AVALON HILL, visit

  • 1:  Will the armored strengths be appropriate in the Bulge scenario?  The OOB for D-Day was way out of proportion in the German favor.  I understand play balancing, but if you had given Rommel that much armored support, we’d be discussing the Western Armistice of 1944 in history classes.

    2:  Canadian units is a good start, but can we have some Free Polish Forces?  Or, would there be a Free Forces expansion separate?

    3:  If there is no F-6F in the Contested Skies set I will be very upset.

  • Recommend that Moderators set up a new Battle of the Bulge topic on the main menu in preparation for the new game and to accommodate all of the posts leading up to it…

  • Will do. Eventually. Bad head cold right now. Feels like crap. Can’t find NBC for the Olympics for some reason. Lots of Nyquil.

  • Where exactly did you find this out?  Links!!  Post some links plz!  Must see this new game.  :-D

  • :  Canadian units is a good start, but can we have some Free Polish Forces?  Or, would there be a Free Forces expansion separate?

    These units didnt have any part in Bulge… I sent larry his OOB so that D-day thing wont happen again…

    I suspect you will see the following units:

    1. Me-109 ( new fighter plane)
    2. Mechanised Infantry ( represented by halftracks)
    3. P-47/51 Mustang plane for allies ( new plane for USA)
    4. Tiger Tank unit

    This is a 3 player game ( USA, UK, German) with some 300 pieces, so expect something like d-day with cards except cards are not for gameplay, but rather random events. I would like to see the germans played by two players…even 3 (representing 6th SS panzer, 5th panzer and 7th army).

    This is my estimate given current conditions at this time.

  • I assume there will be a fixed and/or random weather chart, since the overcast weather early in the campaign was of major help to the Germans.

  • I hope so… both the “fixed” and variable would be nice.

  • Yeah give me a link so I can stickey it :)

  • I didn’t know there were two Minis Expansions coming out this year… Time to set aside 500 more dollars…  :lol:

  • This sounds awesome to me!!!
        And i like the idea that somebody on this had about splitting the German forces into divisions, to allow for more players, that would be awesome in my opinion.

  • To add to the questions of weather and other strategic factors, I assume there will also be some mechanism to represent the limited fuel supplies the Germans were working with in this campaign?

  • That would be a must. I want to see the 3 german armies split into 3 players and the american army led by hodges and patton done the same way. The british could be a 6th player… Im sure the problems of fuel, time , ammo will be addressed in the game. I can gaurantee the OOB is correct however. I sent Larry this information and i checked it 4 times over.

  • Cool, Ive always been looking forward to individual battle games. This is a great start, I cant wait!!! :-D

  • You know what sounds cool to me right now, a Stalingrad game like that, because with D-day and now Battle of the Bulge, it would be cool to get a splash of Eastern Front in there :)

    " Woe to the vanquished," King Brennus

  • Moderator

    It sounds like he is doing Guadalcanal first, but we can always pressure him to do more…

  • Guadalcanal?  That’s king!  I hope Edson’s Raiders get in there as a unit.

  • 2007 AAR League

    I just hope this is better than D-Day…

  • I take it that D-Day wasn’t that good?  It allways seemed to me that Axis and Allies should be a grand scale game not individual battles.  That’s why I thought that Europe and Pacific would be the end of the series.  But then, if it make money… :wink:

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