• I’m gonna buy one of them, but I don’t know which one is better. Anyone have any advice with pros and cons for each?

  • i went to buy Europe today, but found out the store had gone :sad: So i had to order it, meaning it will take like half a year for it to arrive :sad:

    I bought europe because i like european theatre best (must be because i live there =)). Although i must say that i like A&A: Pacific as well, as i like island and fleet warfare in A&A =).

  • Buy both! (hehe) Personnally, I prefer both because each of them require a different strategy and tactics. Also, it’s fun to play Europe a day and Pacific the other day. I like diversity, it keeps the mind healthy.

  • i prefer both as well, but i dont have the money for that :sad: Sooo i gotta choose :sad:

  • Personnaly, I find Europe more friendly. I mean that it more easy to play with friends and a beer.
    Pacific is complex and you always have to check if the 15 fighters the Japanese moved on their turn really can do such moves.

    But it is fun too

  • Yeah, I think I like Europe better too… But they’re both good. It’s very satisfying to be Japan in pacific… 😉

  • I prefer Europe because:
    -I hate to constantly calculate fighter movements over sea zones.
    -I hate to move infantry/transport from an island to another one.
    -Pratically all the WWII movies I saw was about Europe.

  • I allready had europe for a year when I got Pacific, so the second is still fairly new for me, I only played about 15 games Pacific now. I really think Pacific suits me better because I really like fighting with a big fleet. I allready knew groundbattles from A&A before I had Europe. The victory point system and the harbors and airports and stuff are really brilliant. If you like mass manoevres with big armies on ground, europe is probably the best buy for you, but if you like fleet and air units Pacific is really something great.

    Good luck choosing and especially playing!!!

    Apres nous le deluge. Louis XVI.

  • you idiots pacific is by far better. the fleet battles are cool

  • hey man, I don’t appreciate that comment about my fellow A&A players. Although Pacific is new and fresh I do like Europe for the large and complex land based strategies (I am quite interested in the Eastern Front, a disadvantage of living in the West is I don’t get all that much info on it). I also like Pacific due to its complex economic stratagies, very interesting.

  • they did a good thing in adding artillery, it makes the land battles far more interesting.

  • sorry about the idiot comment.but i do think pacific is better.the air and sea battles are much better than boring land battles

  • Problem for me is, once you settle into the games, Europe becomes repetitive. Its a 7 turn game, if the allies take germany on turn 7 then they win, if they don’t germany takes russia next turn and the allies lose.

  • '19 Moderator

    I played both games for the first time this weekend. We used “thrashers” rules to link them. I was hella cool! My only problem with Pacific is the victory points. I like fighting with armys and navys to conquer teritory. The VP system, like the IPC victory, just doesn’t offer me any satisfaction. In combining the two we droped the VP system. Although I probably had the victory in both games individualy, it was still undesided when we quit playing(at 6:30 in the morning).

    In case you are wondering, I took moscow on turn 5 and I was at the border of the Indian capital on six. I (Japs)ruled the Pacific but the US had begun to rebuild its Pacific navy,the allies dominated the Atlantic, but the I (Germans) held the Med. with a strong showing in Africa.

  • I find Pacific to be very hard to win without victory points.

  • At first I really liked pacific but as I play europe more and more I am beginning to like it just as much

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