Axis and Allies Digital Tracker

  • Hey guys,

    i wanna show you my  possible version of a digital tracker for Axis and Allies. Iam playing with my friend HGB A&A Globar War 1939 with tons of addons and some House rules.
    But this tracker can easy change to every other A&A version. Its just a example.
    Iam using a earlier version of this table because every programm needs time for debugging and testing.

    I started this project to speed up the game, kill the count failures with building new units,  count all the conquerd landzones and NO together this all is done automaticly.
    You only have to change the owner of the landzone in the dropdone menu and the NO or IPC is changing automaticly. Development in the Research tree also automaticly gain acces on ur nation building sheet by reaching the research level.

    I started this table on Google Doc but planning in the future to move to Java Script.
    I know my spreadsheet is complete in german language hope you be able to understand what ive done so far.

    iam showing you my newest version iam actually working on so ist not fully finished.

  • '18 '17 '16 '15 Customizer

    I can’t understand German, but I know what your doing, and that is cool, and will make it easier to keep track of. 🙂

    Super job on this spreadsheet.



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