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    I had one of my subscribers from YouTube come to Prince George this past weekend for 3 days of A&A. The first 2 days we played Global 1940 and the last day we played 1914. With the game still set up at the end I made a video this morning breaking down the 1914 game and talking about the imbalance that exists in the game.

    This could be your first look at Imperious Leader’s 1914 map with the pieces on it. As you can see he did a great job creating this map file. I also show you the Zeppelins that I have introduced into the game to try and balance it out.

    If you think you have a winning strategy for the Central Powers, then by all means come to Prince George and teach it to me. I don’t believe that they can possibly win the game with the strategy that I display in this video;


    It’s a shame too because it is a fun game to play. It is just far too predictable.

  • Prince George is a bit too far for me to travel, but for strategy ideas give this a look:


    The official rules require that the CP take two capitals (one of which is Paris) in order to win.  Because late game England and the US will be piling forces in France, seizing Paris is virtually impossible at that stage.  However, tournament play normally also allows for economic victory (due to time constraints).  It is possible in such a situation for the CP to win by grabbing tons of production on the road to Moscow (and successfully take Moscow itself) before the time runs out.  I applied just such a strategy at Origins earlier this year.  Had we not somehow burned through 9 rounds in 6 hours, I would have won using it.  As things were, 9 rounds gave the Allies enough time for their economic advantage to eventually turn the tide.  I had been winning from the economic perspective all the way up to round 7.

  • A kff strategy  is possible. You have to go hard on it and you kill utaly as well. The goal is to have austria and germany team up on france. Becuase  of your intial forces, i find that if placed properly, you can stil hold off russia and even take it. Also a game of ww1 should take  less than 3hr. 5 max. I find it impossible  to believe that with tourney rules a game can go on for 17 hrs.

  • '18 '17 '16

    The 17 hour game was Global 40. We played 1914 for 7 hours but it was never in doubt after about 4 hours or so.

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