• it took monthes of serching, dealing and coraspondince, but i finaly got costom made italian markers for my game. 1/3 of the German Units have been marked Italian and i’m ready to play once i’ve finished the current e-mail game with TGM, Yanny and the rest. I can’t wait!!

  • Any word on having a 6 player A&A game? I wouldn’t mind being Italy and try to win glory in Africa while the German is getting pounded with the brunt of the battle up in the North and the East. Plus I might even be able to make the Italians live up to their Roman namesake!

  • Too bad I can’t try out your Italy in the computer game version….unless youcould make a mod for the game that would alter the game and add in Italy. Now that would be great!

  • hey mini_phreek could you give me an email and let me know how your italy thing works out, if its really good let me know all the changes and rules the peices and everything so i can update my a&a
    thanks 😉

    my email: BUMBA20@aol.com

  • 😄

  • 😄

  • If you havethe computer game, you can play over the zone with other people. http://zone.msn.com

  • mini_phreek, could you post your changes to the game in this thread?

  • How about making a balkan territory (3ipc) taking away from east europe and south europe and giving it to italy?

  • Also, if you want to play with Axis Advantage, what technology does Italy get?

  • You could also give Italy Finland and Romania. In the Civilization 2 scenarios of World War 2 that I download, usually Italy gets all of Germany’s little allies like Finland, Romania and Hungary.

  • Bulgaria? in balkens.

  • A Balkan territory is a good idea! If you look at a map you can see how it could be Bulgaria, Greece, Yugoslavia and Romania(mountainous, separated area). Note that EE woud have no access to the Med. Sea! I would recommend only 2 IPCs for this with no(or 1 IPC)reduction in Germany’s income. Whatcha think, dudes and dudettes?
    I never change a battle plan. My opponents usually do that quite adequately! - Xi

  • territory touching Germany? Germany already has austria,cezchoslovakia,?hungry? and all these territorys touch yugolsavia/romania?

  • split eastern europe into 2 parts. One representing Poland and the baltic states in the north, owned by germany and worth 3 IPC’s. And One representing the minor allies of Rumania, Bulgaria and Hungary in the south, owned by Italy with a value of 4.

    This makes:
    Italy 6
    Libya 2
    Eastern Europe 4 = 12 IPC’s.

    And Germany would have 24 IPC’s

  • Italy will most likely take most part of africa and germany will never be a treat to russia. So to compensate this you might want to start with german units in libya representing the afrikakorps of Rommel. In this way germany will get most of the IPC’s in africa making it strong enough to attack karelia while Italy can support german troops with their navy while attacking in the caucasus.

  • OR you can add more IPCs to Germany by dividing WE into a northern and southern part, the southern can be Vichy France. Make them add up to more than what WE is worth normally.

  • Finland can also be an Italian territory. It was part of the Axis powers and helped the Germans in Operation Barbarrosa. Just split Norway/Finland into a German Norway and an Italian Finland.

  • I personally would leave finland to the german army. It would be completely isolated from the rest of the italian army in the south. It’s also isolated from the german troops when their navy in the baltic is destroyed but they could be used to attack karelia, while the italian army would be heading for the caucasus on the russian front. And if you want to get the german IPC up i would recommend adding 1 to Finland/Norway (for a total of 3 ipc) along with the bonus on eastern europe.

  • I like the idea of having separate “Southern Zones” for both Eastern Europe and Western Europe. This would be perfect for the Italian Fronts

  • what if turky (as historicly) had land in the lower balken regin making the strait between med. and black sea a canal zone like pannama, if Italy invaded turky they would have accses to asia/russia/britan territories giving them more ipcs.

  • I like that idea

  • me 2 😄

  • The chinese put in so much in holding off japan in the second world war (like the russians did against germany) why not having an extra player for China. Increase the value of the two chinese land to e.g 5 for each, while decreasing the price for infantry for china to e.g. 2 dollars. give them factories with limitation of producing infantries only or limit the number of high tech things they can produce or e.g. they can train pilots with a certain amount of money (e.g. 3 dollars) to convert the american fighters into chinese fighters and the japanese tanks have less attack points when going into sin kiang
    just a rough idea

  • “they can train pilots with a certain amount of money (e.g. 3 dollars) to convert the american fighters into chinese fighters…”

    Flying Tigers! Sweet!

    Anyways, sounds like a good idea, though it fills a bit “tact on.” Terrian was also a major part in slowing down the Japanese offensive.

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