• Great website. I was able to revisit some of my old old war buddies from the South Pacific. God just seeing pictures of the Yamoto (the biggest and most powerful battleship ever constructed) and Shinano (the biggest carrier in WWII) brings back memories. But where’s the Musashi? They didn’t give much information on it.

    Never before have we had so little time in which to do so much

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  • i bet you can “donate” money to the website and they will find out for you 😄

  • Ha if I really had any money to spare. I’m broke.

  • Libya 2, algeria 2, SE 10 total 14
    i can’t mke siciy a seperate country it’s to small and Eurpoe is crowded as it is

    does any one have an extra set of pieces laying around some ware, i’ll be willing to by them off you (mind you it will be in Canadian $)

  • mini check ebay thats where i got my a&a…they have this kind of stuff running all the time

  • Mini phreek is Fergus, ON near the Manitoba Border?

  • sorry 1/2 hour out side of guelph

  • how much is a board on ebay? i bought a new one for $30.

  • ah sick

  • Wow that’s a pretty good deal. Do you mean just the board or the whole thing? Anyways my reason for making Sicily worth IPCs is that it’s secure from the Allies (the Allied ships would have to circle around to Southern Europe just to reach it), Sicily was taken in the war, and the fact that I can’t see SE being worth 10 IPCs. How could it have a higher IPC value then WE or Britian, if SE was regarded as a secondary front?

  • i got mine brand new shrink wrapped on ebay for 36.50 or something after shipping……but i’m sure u could get used pieces for like $5

  • well actualy I think Italians should have about 18 IPCs, even tho it may break the historical stuff, because if you d’ont leave them enough IPCs to defend temselves properly, the Allies wil ljust rush in Europe, take both Germany and Italy, and bang, Allies have 2 capitals, game over, allied victory….

  • Yes, 18 is the way to go. add the islands italy had, whatever, they need the money 😄

    for 30 bucks i got the whole deal…board, pieces, books, box…oh, and a plastic bag!

  • '10

    Couldn’t you give Italy Italian East Africa as well?

  • the british took all of that out in 1941 before operation crusader i believe. they took troops from egyt and aden and took it back.

    miniphreek, tell me when you finish that. maybe we can try that out on an online game when you’re finished trying it out with your friends.

  • I still can’t believe you got a completely new A&A game still in shrink wrap 😄

    An 18-17 IPC for Italy sounds okay. But how come you just don’t give the Italians Egypt? Also what you could try doing is removing the UK sub from the Egypt sea zone and make Syria Iraq worth 3-4 IPCs (due to its abundance in oil). If taken Italy would be worth (8 from SE, 2 from Sicily, 2 Libya, 2 Egypt, 3 from Syria). Plus with Egypt and Syria taken it would be quite easy to ferry troops into Syria to protect it against Russia. And since you’ve beefed up the Axis navy in the Med., then you’ll won’thave to worry as uch or UK ftrs. and bombers taking out the transport fleet.

  • that sounds good but Sicily is just to damn small on the map.
    i’ll give them egypt and move thoughs Brit forces down to Itailin east africa. algeria and Libya are both at 2
    i’ll make Iraq 2 (no more then that it’s still a desert) i’ll make SE 8
    thats 14 i know it’s not much but italy was not that well off to begin with and besides with all the forces i’ve givin them they can easily take africa to make up for the loss.

  • btownthug
    i’ll take it i’d prefere if they were diferent coloued from the other 5 but i can allways paint over them, and $5 US is about $8 canadian. ware can i get in touch with you?

  • yes, i can’t still get over it. that $30 goes a long way, i played about five games in the last 6 days.

    I know you hate the sicily idea, but in fact, Egypt was held mostly by Great Britain, and Britain held the canal. In the spring of 42, the axis, weren’t to far into egypt at all. Increasing syria iraq is a smart idea.

    You can make Tunisia seperate from Algeria, and worth one IPC. Lybia can be 2 IPCs.
    Sicily-corisca can by 2 IPCs. Give Italy those little islands near turkey (corisca and ‘little islands’ not on map, they can be manually added) and make those little islands one IPC (they switched hands between italy, to britain, to germany during the war.)

    Italy would have a total of 13, and you would keep the historical accuracy.

  • Adding Tunsia and the Turkish Islands sounds pretty good, but can this be done without permenately changing the game board.

  • yes, that is a problem…maybe you can put a little piece of plastic on the board, or just a chip, and take a little sticker from a VHS tape with a number for the IPC value. I know, i would never deface my board, but i would put things on it!

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    You can use the sticky part of a post-it-note To make some changes to your map.

  • that’s a damn good idea!

  • Ha, using Post-It notes. That’s pretty niffty. Problem is is that I’m really not good with scissors. I have used small, round white stickers as in over the ordinary IPC values in the Pacific to add a twists. Kinda hard to get out afterwards though.

    Never before have we had so little time in which to do so much

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  • I’m working on makeing blowup maps to put in the corners for Sicily but i need to know, when you said turkish island are you talking about Creete, Cypris or both.

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