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    Hello. � I am new to these forums. And although this is a bit bold for a first post, here are potential rules and setup for a(n) (untested) 1940 Scenario for 1942 2nd Edition. ( I know this is not the first time this has been tried/done.)

    Please test, tell me of errors, mistakes, or loopholes in my rules, or suggest rules for playability or depth.

    (Yes, it is heavily based of G40’s setup, and is meant to be a shorter 1940 game. You could also just use it as an alternate setup if you only have 1942, but you will have to study the G40 Rules and get some stand-in pieces for the nations and unit you don�t have pieces for.)


    Use the 1942 2nd Edition Map.
    Use the G40 Units.
    Use G40 Unit Prices
    Use G40 Unit stats and abilities (except Naval Bases and Air Bases do not allow units to move an additional space)

    Victory Conditions

    The Allies when the war if they control 10 victory cities at the end of France�s turn.

    The Axis when the war if they control 9 victory cities at the end of France�s Turn.

    Political Situation

    Please note that this section refers to the Political Situation only. This does not include the so-called �NOs�.

    The Political Situation rules are identical to the G40 Political Situation rules, except that the Soviet Union can declare war on Germany/Italy starting on its 3rd turn and the United States can declare war on the Collect Income Phase of its 2nd turn (i.e. both nations can come into the war one round earlier).

    The Neutrals already printed on the map cannot become aligned at all, with the exception of Mongolia (and that only due to a Japanese violation of the Soviet-Mongolian Defense Pact. �

    The territories with upside-down NCM (roundels) on them are Pro-Sided Neutrals. � The ones with British NCM�s are Pro-Allies and the ones with German NCM�s are Pro-Axis. � They act the same way as Pro-Sided Neutrals in G40, with the exception that their standing armies are equal to their IPC value times the number of NCM�s placed on them during setup.

    The East Indies are Dutch (marked by putting a gray unit chip on the territory), and operate like a Dutch territory in G40.

    National Objectives

    Not at war with USSR:

    • 5 IPC for not declaring war on the USSR
      At war with USSR:
    • 5 IPC for Axis controlling Karelia SSR
    • 5 IPC for Axis controlling Russia

    Soviet Union
    At war with Germany or Italy:

    • 3 IPC for controlling Finland
    • 3 IPC each for each original German or Italian territory the USSR controls
    • 5 IPC for controlling Archangel and no Allied units on original USSR territories

    Not at war with USA:

    • 5 IPC for not declaring war with the USA and not making a unprovoked declaration of war against UK, ANZAC or France
      While at war with UK, ANZAC, France, or USA:
    • 5 IPC for Axis controlling India
    • 5 IPC for Axis controlling Hawaii
    • 5 IPC for Axis controlling New Guinea, Solomon Islands and Wake Island

    United States
    While at war:

    • 10 IPC for controlling Western United States, Central United States, and Eastern United States
    • 5 IPC for controlling Philippine Islands

    While at war:

    • 6 IPC for Allies controlling Burma

    United Kingdom
    At war with Germany or Italy:

    • 5 IPC for controlling all original UK territories (awarded to UK Europe)
      At war with Japan:
      -5 IPC for controlling Malaya and Kwangtung (awarded to UK Pacific)

    While at war:

    • 5 IPC for no Allied surface warships in sea zones 14, 15, and 17
    • 5 IPC for Axis controlling Morocco, Algeria, and Libya

    At war with Japan:

    • 5 IPC for controlling New Guinea and Solomon Islands
    • 5 IPC for controlling Western Australia, Eastern Australia, and Malaya


    • 6 IPC worth of units first time France is liberated

    Additional Rules

    The Turn Order is same as G40.

    The Danish Straits (controlled by Northwest Europe) and the Straits of Gibraltar (controlled by Gibraltar) operate (including the sub rules) on the G40 rules. � The Turkish Straits are always impassable.

    Manchuria and Kiangsu are considered original China territories.

    All other territories� originality is determined by who owns them at the beginning of the game according to the scenario setup.

    The China rules are the same as G40 (including the ability to move into and temporarily control Kwangtung and Burma), except they can never buy artillery.

    The UK�s economy is split as in G40, with Pacific claiming (if it controls it, of course) income from the following territories (and all others going to Europe):

    • All original UK, ANZAC, China, and Japan territories
    • Philippine Islands and Hawaii
    • Evenki National Okrug, Yukat SSR, Buryatia SSR, and Soviet Far East

    The American Factory rules work the same way, except the C. Un. St. does not have, nor receive a factory of any grade.

    The Soviet-Mongolian Defense Pact works the same as G40, except if the Japanese violate the pact the USSR takes control of Mongolia and receives 3 free infantry in Mongolia.

    Germany may not move any units into the Baltic States on its first turn, even if it declares war on the USSR.

    Air bases are useless on non-coastal territories, as the extra move rules is removed from them in these rules. As a result all land-locked air bases from G40 setup are not represented in this setup.

    Starting Income

    Germany: 18 IPC
    Soviet Union: 32 IPC
    Japan: 13 IPC
    United States: 38 IPC
    China: 4 IPC
    United Kingdom (Europe): 19 IPC
    United Kingdom (Pacific): 10 IPC
    Italy: 7 IPC
    ANZAC: 5 IPC
    France: 13 IPC


    NCM (Roundel) Setup
    4 IPC: 1 China
    5 IPC: 1 ANZAC
    7 IPC: 1 Italy
    10 IPC: 1 UK Pacific
    13 IPC: 1 Japan, 1 France
    18 IPC: 1 Germany
    19 IPC: 1 UK
    32 IPC: 1 USSR
    38 IPC: 1 USA
    Brazil: 1 UK (back)
    Finland: 2 Germany (back)
    Persia: 1 UK (back)
    France: 1 France
    Morocco: 1 France
    Algeria: 1 France
    F. West A.: 1 France (use red unit chip if not owned)
    F. Equ. A.: 1 France (use red unit chip if not owned)
    F. Mada.: 1 France (use red unit chip if not owned)
    F. Indo China: 1 France
    Italy: 1 Italy
    Southern E.: 1 Italy
    Libya: 1 Italy
    Italian E. A.: 1 Italy �
    Sinkiang: 1 China (if owned, otherwise leave empty to mark as China owning)
    Anhwei: 1 China (if owned, otherwise leave empty to mark as China owning)
    Szechwan: 1 China (if owned, otherwise leave empty to mark as China owning)
    Yunnan: 1 China (if owned, otherwise leave empty to mark as China owning)
    E. Australia: 1 ANZAC
    W. Australia: 1 ANZAC
    New Guinea: 1 ANZAC
    Solomon I.: 1 ANZAC
    New Zealand: 1 ANZAC
    Malaya: 1 ANZAC
    West Russia: 1 USSR
    Belorussia: 1 USSR
    Baltic States: 1 USSR
    Ukraine SSR: 1 USSR
    India: 1 UK Pacific, if owned
    Burma: 1 UK Pacific, if owned
    Kwangtung: 1 UK (or UK Pacific, if owned)
    Borneo: 1 UK (or UK Pacific, if owned)
    Philippine I.: 1 USA
    Wake Island: 1 USA

    Chip Setup
    East Indies: 1 Gray Chip

    Germany Setup

    Germany: 11 Inf., 3 Art., 2 Mech., 3 AAA, 1 Figh., 2 Tac., 1 Bom., 1 Maj., 1 Air B., 1 Naval B.
    Northwest Europe: 2 Inf., 1 Art, 4 Tank, 1 Figh.
    Norway: 2 Inf.
    Poland: 2 Inf., 1 Tac.
    Bulgaria Romania: 3 Inf., 1 Figh.
    Total: 20 Inf., 4 Art., 2 Mech., 4 Tank, 3 AAA, 3 Figh., 3 Tac., 1 Bom., 1 Maj., 1 Air B., 1 Naval B.

    5: 1 Bat., 1 Tran.
    7: 1 Sub.
    9: 1 Sub.
    Total: 1 Bat., 2 Sub, 1 Tran.

    Soviet Union Setup

    Russia: 1 Inf., 1 Art., 1 Mech., 1 Tank, 1 AAA, 1 Tac., 1 Maj.
    Archangel: 1 Inf.
    Karelia SSR: 5 Inf., 1 Art., 1 AAA, 1 Figh., 1 Min., 1 Air B., 1 Naval B.
    Belorussia: 2 Inf.
    Baltic States: 2 Inf.
    Ukraine SSR: 5 Inf., 1 Art.
    Caucasus: 1 Inf., 1 Min.
    Buryatia SSR: 5 Inf., 1 AAA
    Yukat SSR: 4 Inf.
    Total: 26 Inf., 3 Art., 1 Mech., 1 Tank, 3 AAA, 1 Figh., 1 Tac., 1 Maj., 2 Min., 1 Air B., 1 Naval B.

    4: 1 Sub.
    5: 1 Cru.
    Total: 1 Cru., 1 Sub.

    Japan Setup

    Japan: 3 Inf., 1 Art., 1 Mech., 1 Tank, 1 AAA, 1 Figh, 1 Tac., 1 Bom., 1 Maj., 1 Air B., 1 Naval B.
    Manchuria: 6 Inf., 1 Art., 1 Figh., 1 Tac.
    Kiangsu: 6 Inf., 2 Art., 1 Tac.
    Iwo Jima: 1 Inf.
    Okinawa: 1 Inf.
    Formosa: 1 Figh.
    Caroline I.: 1 Inf., 1 AAA, 1 Air B., 1 Naval B.
    Total, 18 Inf., 4 Art., 1 Tank, 2 AAA., 4 Figh., 3 Tac., 1 Bom., 1 Maj., 2 Air B, 2 Naval B.

    60: 1 Bat., 1 Car. (1F,1T), 1 Des., 1 Sub, 1 Tran.
    61: 1 Cru., 1 Des., 1 Tran.
    50: 1 Car. (1F)
    Total: 1 Bat., 2 Car. (2F,1T), 1 Cru., 2 Des., 1 Sub., 2 Tran.

    United States Setup

    E. Un. St.: 1 Inf., 1 Art., 1 AAA, 1 Figh., 1 Min., 1 Air B., 1 Naval B,
    C. Un. St.: � , 1 Tank, 1 Bom.
    W. Un. St.: 1 Inf., 1 Art., 1 AAA, 1 Min., 1 Air B., 1 Naval B.
    Midway: 1 Air Base
    Hawaii: 1 Inf., 1 Figh., 1 Air B. 1 Naval B.
    Wake Island: 1 Air Base
    Philippine I.: 1 Inf., 1 Air B., 1 Naval B.
    Total: 4 Inf., 2 Art., 1 Tank, 2 Figh., 2 Tac., 1 Bom., 2 Min., 6 Air B., 4 Naval B.

    11: 1 Des., 1 Tran.
    48: 1 Des.
    53: 1 Cru., 1 Sub.
    56: 1 Bat., 1 Car. (1F,1T), 1 Tran.
    Total: 1 Bat., 1 Car. (1F,1T), 1 Cru., 2 Des., 1 Sub., 2 Tran.

    China Setup

    Szechwan: 5 Inf., 1 Figh.
    Yunnan: 2 Inf.
    Sinkiang: 2 Inf.
    Total: 7 Inf.

    United Kingdom Setup

    United Kingdom: 2 Inf., 1 Mech., 2 AAA, 1 Figh., 1 Bom., 1 Maj., 1 Air B., 1 Naval B.
    Iceland: 1 Air B.
    E. Canada: 1 Inf., 1 Tank, 1 Min., 1 Naval B.
    Gibraltar: 1 Naval B.
    Egypt: 1 Inf., 1 Art., 1 Mech., 1 Tank, 1 Naval B.
    A-E Sudan: 1 Inf.
    South Africa: 1 Inf., 1 Min., 1 Naval B.
    India, 3 Inf., 1 Art., 2 AAA, 1 Tac., 1 Maj., 1 Air B., 1 Naval B.
    Burma: 1 Inf. 1 Figh.
    Malaya: 1 Inf.
    Kwangtung: 1 Inf., 1 Naval B.
    Total: 12 Inf., 2 Art., 2 Mech., 2 Tank, 4 AAA, 3 Figh., 1 Tac., 1 Bom., 2 Maj., 2 Min., 3 Air B., 7 Naval B.

    6: 1 Bat., 1 Cru.
    8: 1 Des.
    10: 1 Des., 1 Tran.
    13: 1 Cru.
    17: 1 Car. (1T), 1 Des., 1 Tran.
    35: 1 Bat., 1 Des., 1 Tran.
    Total: 1 Bat., 1 Car. (1T), 2 Cru., 4 Des., 3 Tran.

    Italy Setup

    Italy: 5 Inf., 1 Art., 2 AAA, 1 Figh., 1 Bom., 1 Maj., 1 Air B., 1 Naval B.
    Southern Europe: 1 Inf., 1 Tank
    Libya: 1 Inf., 1 Art., 1 Mech, 1 Tank
    Italian E. A.: 1 Inf., 1 Art.
    Total: 8 Inf., 3 Art., 1 Mech., 2 Tank, 2 AAA, 1 Figh., 1 Bom., 1 Maj., 1 Air B., 1 Naval B.

    14: 1 Des., 1 Sub., 1 Tran.
    15: 1 Bat., 1 Cru., 1 Tran.
    Total: 1 Bat., 1 Cru., 1 Des. 1 Sub., 2 Tran.

    ANZAC Setup

    E. Australia: 2 Inf., 1 Art., 1 AAA, 1 Figh., 1 Min., 1 Air B., 1 Naval B.
    New Zealand: 1 Inf., 1 Figh., 1 Air B. 1 Naval B.
    Malaya: 1 Inf., 1 Naval B
    Egypt: 1 Inf.
    Total: 6 Inf., 1 Art., 1 AAA, 2 Figh., 1 Min. 2 Air B., 3 Naval B.

    39: 1 Cru., 1 Tran.

    France Setup

    France: 4 Inf., 2 Art., 1 Tank, 1 AAA, 1 Figh., 1 Maj., 1 Naval B.
    United Kingdom: 1 Inf., 1 Figh.
    Trans-Jordan: 1 Inf.
    Morocco: 1 Inf.
    Algeria: 1 Inf.
    French W. A.: 1 Inf.
    Total: 9 Inf., 2 Art., 1 Tank., 1 AAA, 2 Figh., 1 Maj., 1 Naval B.

    14: 1 Cru.
    33:1 Des.
    Total: 1 Cru., 1 Des.

    Edit Log

    Note: General spelling and typing errors and rearrangement of information will not be recorded here, only actual changes to content.

    Aug 19, 2017:

    • Added Turn Order rule (under Additional Rules)
    • Added Turkish Straits rule (under Additional Rules, in the straits paragraph)
    • Finished the incomplete China Rules paragraph (under additional rules)
    • Added note about Air B. (under Additional Rules)
    • Added tips for players not owning enough French or Chinese NCM’s for setup (UK Pac. tips were already there.)
    • Removed extraneous Air B. in Caucasus in USSR setup
    • Removed repeat of Naval B. in Malaya from UK setup (it is still in ANZAC setup.)
    • Added Edit Log (I know this is a bit overkill…)

    Aug 21, 2017

    • Revised Naval setup for Germany, Japan, US, UK, and Italy. (Removed German Sub., Japanese Des., US Des., UK Des., UK Tran., � and UK Des., � from SZs 3, 60, 56, 6, 8, and 28 respectively. � Moved Italian Cru. and Sub. to SZ 14 and Japanese main fleet to SZ 60. � Changed UK Bat. to UK Cru. in SZ 35.)
    • Removed UK Figh. from Gibraltar
    • Moved 2 USSR Inf. from Buryatia SSR to Yukat SSR

  • Wow, way to start out with a bang. Welcome to the forums!  🙂

  • Moderator 2023 '22 '21 '20 '19 '18 '17 '16 '15 '14 '13 '12

    Agreed. Thank you for your time in thinking up this set up, then posting it here.
    How many times have you played it, can I ask?

  • None, as I said in the post it’s untested.

    I really only have 2 people that will play games with me. One of them hates A&A and the other is currently playing a game of G40 with me, so it is really unfeasible for me to test it right now.

    Due to this there may be blatant errors I over looked. Most “edits” from G40 (besides scaling, obviously) are on the Russian front to prevent an absolute destruction of Russia by Germany.

    You could also just crush France rather easily, but it seemed to me that that would be unwise, as it would put units out of position to attack Russia.

  • '19 '18 '17 '16 '15

    Would be great to test out in play by forum….let me know if  you are interested to a game :lol:

  • I don’t know how to play by forum.  I looked at that forum a few times and it seems more that just posting your move.  It seems to rely on TripleA somehow. I don’t have TripleA or know how to use it.  I would need some explanations on how to play by forum before doing so.

  • Moderator 2023 '22 '21 '20 '19 '18 '17 '16 '15 '14 '13 '12

    Excuse me , I overlooked the part where you said you had not tried it.

    If you do want to trial it, you will always find someone  to play and help you set it up. It is quite straightforward. (I can’t at the moment.)
    Innohub has just offered. Good luck and have fun.

  • '17 '16

    The only issue about Triple A v5 for 1942.2 is that there is no G40 units in it.

    Were are working on and off on 1942.2 which include at least Tactical Bomber.
    We called it San Francisco Experiment set-up in 1941 starting date.
    It is in House Rule Sub-forum. But it doesn’t have all that you wish.
    Just a small step toward it.

    It will take a lot of time before Triple A can add your set-up.
    Unless all G40 units can be added into Triple V.5 map.

    Until then, you will have to rely on paper and F-2-F trials.

  • '19 '18 '17 '16 '15

    That’s right…

    @Momentum - I am happy to teach you how to do play by forum if you are interested to know more - it is easy to set up and it’s really great for AA since it’s not easy to find F2F opponent to play AA, but then it seems no way at the moment to simulate a G40 setting in 42 board as Baron suggested. : -(

  • @innohub Thanks for the offer anyway.  I might solo the first round soon.

  • '19

    That’s awesome! I will definitely give this one a spin within the next few weeks!

  • @ Corpo24: Thank you for telling me you will try it out.

  • '19 '18 '17 '16 '15

    @momentum.  - Sure.  Remember all you need to prepare are:

    1.  REgister for a dice server (search dice server in this forum and you will find more info)
    2.  Start a new thread and track the topic number (for example if the weblink is something like http://www.axisandallies.org/forums/index.php?action=post;topic=40342.0;num_replies=10  then the number is 40342)
    3.Using this number, your email name and fill in the info.

    You are ready to go!  Ping me (or any folks in this forum) if you need more info.

    I played A LOT more after finding this option!(which feels like heaven…be careful getting addicted to it. :evil:)

  • @innohub: Thanks for the information.

  • '21 '20 '18 '17

    looks awesome will look at the setup in detail later.

    Think that 5 IPC is a bit much for taking india, Karelia, Russia, maybe 2-3 or not at all because these can be captured in most games.

    Wish we had some NOs to give more of a Battle of the atlatic/island hopping aspect to this game, like a quasi-convoying income stealing maybe/?

  • Finished a Round 1 solo playthrough.

    I like the setup for the most part and addressed a few issues with an update.

    Notes: I did not like the allied navy being so strong, so I re-examined the G40 setup as I needed to get it more close to half (as I tried with most placements) anyway.

    The Mediterranean was awful, it was not dynamic and UK was way to strong. � I split the Italian navy up and remove the UK Figh. in Gibraltar.

    I move a 2 USSR Inf. to Yukat SSR. to make the Japan-USSR/China fight more dynamic.

    Please let me know what you think of these changes.

  • @ taamvan: About those NOs being to powerful: Remember this is a different setup, and taking said spaces are not necessarily as easy. (Not opposed to changing, just don’t want to change as it is not tested enough)

    About the Atlantic/Island NO purposed: Might add if other NOs are to powerful/weak or game is not dynamic enough in the Atlantic/Pacific. (I think these are great ideas, if more people want them I might go ahead and change this.)

  • '21 '20 '19 '18 '17 '16

    This looks very well executed! It’s a very different design than the one I chose for my 1940 Scenario on the 1942.2 map, but I like your design very much also.

    I do agree with taamvan that your national objectives are overpowered – I’m not convinced that it’s harder to take any particular territory in your setup – if anything, it might be easier/faster to do so, since the territories are closer together. Keep in mind that you don’t need to hold a territory for most NOs; you just need to be able to trade it so that you own the territory at the end of your turn. If you reduce the income from territories by 30-40% (as well as starting army size) because of the shrinking of the map, but you leave the income from national objectives constant, then you’re going to create a dynamic where seizing national objectives is pretty much the only goal that matters, and players will be forced to sacrifice troops, sacrifice territories, etc. just to make sure they keep claiming as many NOs as possible each turn.

  • '19

    Fun set up! Just finished a game with this set up and it was really fun!  Game lasted 11 rounds with an allied victory.  Love the national objectives on the 1942.2 map.  Also having tac bombers and mechs and bases add more flavor to the game.  Great job and I would defiantly try it again in the future. 👍

  • @ Argothair,  Sorry for not responding. I have been very busy over the past few months.  About the NOs being to powerful.  I reduced the NOs power by cutting down on the amount of NOs that are available instead of reducing the IPC bonus for collecting each.  And about the territories being faster to take, that is the whole point of the scenario, that it is faster.  This doesn’t mean I am set in stone on the NOs staying the same though, but I need data from games to edit/remove/add them.

    @Corpo24: Thanks for playing!  Can you please provide some pros and cons you experienced?

  • '19

    To be honest, the game was pretty much all positive feedback.  It was well balanced and played out really well.  The Japanesse had a few bad luck battles that put the allies on the offense for good.  Will probably give it another spin soon, but I liked it and I was a happy camper with the way it played out.

  • @Corpo24: Thank you for posting and playtesting.  Glad to hear you found it balanced, but if you find a overpowering strategy please just post it here.

  • '19

    Not a problem.  Will do! 👍

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