• To the A&A community, Lord Curtmungus is formally apologizing to you all.  Beer, swear words and bold pronouncements (it was 30pt font if anyone was interested) have proven to much for you all.

    Djensen has rebuked me personally.  cry

    Lord Curtmungus,

    Messages like these are not welcome here. We can have light banter without being jerks and trolls. I realize the forum allows you to use big fonts but this is definitely an abuse of that as well.


    I want you to spend some time to go through and delete all of your trolling messages. If you do not, you will be banned for 7 days. If you continue after the ban, then the next step is to permanently ban you from this site.

    Dave Jensen

    I thought there was potential here for a beer slamming, chest bumping good-ol’ boy blow-out.  But I guess one man, even one as great as myself, cannot change a community.  I should respect what you have built here and defended from the likes of me.

    I will refrain from oversized fonts and arresting posts.  The end is nigh for me. The wasteland beckons.  After my failure here, I yearn to return to the real struggle against the pumping station in the desert fortified by tires and school buses.

    Please accept my apologies.

    Also remember to vote on whether I should depart ASAP in the general discussion board: http://www.axisandallies.org/forums/index.php?topic=40296.0

    Rage and Honor!

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    The end is nigh for me.

    It doesn’t have to be… just talk to us about Axis & Allies, why not try and earn our respect instead of demanding it?.

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    Well…I found the big font and pics to be highly entertaining…didn’t really see it as being a troll.

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    Well I for one am playing a league game with curtmungus right now and its a good game.  He should STAY and liven up the place.  Anyone with a sense of HUMOUR is welcome

    And I am sorry I called you cuntfungus.

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    come back as Lord Humourungus

  • I don’t feel like there’s anything to apologize for. The large font is mildly irritating when one wishes to quote your text, but that’s it. Most of what you have said here has very good points, and when wrapped in this testosterone fuming style makes it entertaining read. I think people here have been overreacting a bit to this whole thing. We should all take a deep breath here and consider is there really damage done?


    And I am sorry I called you cuntfungus.Â

    😄 😄 😄

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    The problem with super-charged and over the top, is that not everybody knows when it is serious and when it is for fun.

    I think there is a line that you don’t have to cross to create the same affect and make it accessible to all. Large text is okay sometimes but if you do it all the time, it loses it’s effect.

    Gargantua knows. He was much too over the top at first and he’s found that line and walks right up to it and maybe sometimes kicks some dirt over it.  😉

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    IMHO, it seems a lot less about humor and a lot more about a serious need for attention-seeking… post after post with your name in the headline instead of something pertaining to, you know, Axis and Allies, is my observation of your apparent intent. Personally, it doesn’t bother me, I’m not calling for anyone to go away… but there is a difference between inserting humor and blatant attention-seeking, and if anyone is complaining (I haven’t really seen anyone complaining, but then again, I don’t read every post) it might be this “hey look at me” that they find annoying (or maybe just referring to oneself in the third person in every post).

    My suggestion, if you want your name in the headline of a post is more like “Lord Curtmungus’s A&A Customizations”, with links to pictures of your setup, bunker, game modifications, etc… that would get a lot of positive feedback, I’m sure.

    You have nothing to apologize for, and you can stay or leave as you please as far as I’m concerned… but if you’re confused about the reaction (or lack there-of) of your posts, I’m just offering my opinion… as useless as it may be.

    Oh, and if you’re ever in the Pensacola area, you’re more then welcome to swing by the Wolfshanze… I’d be more than happy to host an A&A Lord Curt vs Wolf event… (and no, I can’t stand AAA, I love playing with little plastic armies, sorry).

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    Gargantua knows. He was much too over the top at first and he’s found that line and walks right up to it and maybe sometimes kicks some dirt over it.  😉

    Gargantua has earned our respect over the years, he can get away with that stuff from time to time.

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