1940 Gobal is 25 turns

  • I think the main problem with Axis and Allies and most WWII games is that there is no end point.

    The game is totally focused on can the Allies stall, then stop and turn the Axis to the point that the Allies are on the offensive and the Axis powers are totally defensive.

    Thus the end point of the game is when the Allies finally turn the Axis into a defensive posture and then they concede.

    I think that is a waste. Force the Allies to conquer the Axis powers and seal the deal so to speak.

    Under the current rules the Allies once they get the Axis on the defense and pushing them back there is no time limit on the conquest on the Axis. They can drag it out for over 30 turns, conquering the entire globe and slow playing their killing blows.

    The Axis are under the “gun” to finish the war off IF they do not achieve success in Russia/middle East or on the Pacific map by X amount of turns. Well the  Axis are toast and cannot win the game if they do not achieve these goals in under X turns.

    Make the Allies feel the same pressure of being under the gun. Once they turn the war to their favor, make it that the game only last 25 turns. If the Allies do not achieve victory by the end of the 25th turn the game is called a draw.

    This give the Axis players a reason to keep playing, instead of just calling the game off and sulking into a dark corner, drinking beer and lamenting about dice. Also the Allied players have some hope they will have some fun on the offensive. Lets face it, if you are a Allied player all you get to experience is defensive play and once your master plan bears some fruit of success the Axis concede and go on a 2 day binge drinking fest.

    Make the game a 25 turn game. If no one achieves victory by the OOB rules it is called a draw.

    What do you guys think?

  • I think if you want to create a lot a tension in the game to make bold moves and win the game that if no one achieves OOB victory conditions by the end of Turn 20 it is called as a DRAW game.

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    You’ll get a better reply in the OOB global 40 thread that is listed near the top of site page.

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