Japan resistance

  • Ok, me and my friends have played the original AA but recently got the revised edition. Its been a tried strategy to have Russia invade as much of germany as necessary, then play pure defense. The UK the builds an IC in india on U1, and continually pumps tanks either into the caucauses to help germany or into FIC. U1 then builds a IC in sinkiang, uses tanks there, then builds a massive sea to attack japan. Usually, russia will hold long enough to make japan fall, then germany isnt far behind. How can i play japan so this doesnt happen?

  • First off, the production limits will go a long way to making those IC’s less than valuable.

    Second, build a LOT of trannies as Japan in J1 and start offloading into Asia.  If you took out the US Fleet at Pearl on J1, then on J2 send your 3-4 trannies to FIC to offload full cargoes of INF, plus your ART and ARM.  Build more trannies and refills for your existing units in J2.  Then in J2 sen the new trannies to FIC and bring the old ones back to SZ60 to offload remaining land forces from your J2 buy into Bury to start your Russia strike, or for movement to Manch, then China, then Sinkiang.

    Use your AF (3 FIG and 1 BOM) to provide offensive punch to your forces in Asia.  Consolidate your Capital Ships to SZ60 (this position is superior to SZ61 for purposes of protecting Japan and its territories from US fleet) in J2.

    In J3, you should be able to take the India factory (if UK is sending lots of AF in, or pulling forces out of Africa to protect it, so much the better… Russia is not getting ground support in Karelia/Archangel from UK, and Africa has been handed to Germany).  If UK has reinforced it, wait for your J3 transports to FIC then take it in J4.

    Odds are you can take India in J3 though, and then with your J3 landing to FIC, in J4 you move those forces to China, plus some forces coming from Bury to China, and on J5 or so the US IC is also taken.

    By now, Japan has a nice fleet of trannies as buffer for the US fleet and to tranny forces to Asia, 2 new IC’s to send ARM/ART/INF against Russia, and you are ready to continue your Asia strike w/o build limits (you can now build 13 units a round in your 3 IC’s), and you can add the occasional capital ship if the US gets too threatening with their AF (remember, the US can’t spend too much on Pacific Navy… they have an IC in Sinkiang to support, and they BETTER be sending forces to Europe, or by now Russia is all but dead from lack of support from both UK and USA)

    Enough ideas to get you going?

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