Axis and Allies Expansions (1989-1992)

  • I have been watching a bunch of the Vids on youtube done by some of your members as well as reading through many threads. I noticed that I don’t see any mention of the Gamers Paradise rules. They have many of the inclusions I see you guys incorporate in your own games I have seen online. The first Expansion was all about Naval rules (Escorts, Destroyers, Cruisers, Convoys, Subs) The second expansion went into great detail about special units (Paratroopers, Artillery, Air transports, German SS, Us Marines, British Commandos, Japanese Pillboxes, Hellcat and Zero carrier based aircraft, unavailable for service fighter rules) Many of these which have been included over the years.

    I was just curious since you guys really get detailed in your board setups and historical play style. If I find my rule books (I know have them somewhere) did you guys want them posted on here so you can print them out? I don’t think the company is active anymore so I don’t think its a problem to just give the rules out.

    I know for a fact the navy rules add a lot of complexity and allow for a real battle of the Atlantic. These rules became standard when I used to play on the classic axis game.

    If you guys are interested let me know. The rules do no good sitting in a box.

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    I would be interested in looking through them.

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    100% would like to see these! Would be fun to incorporate into a classic game.

  • For me, it’s getting more historical accurate play of nations in WWII that actually fought. I find it very strange that Vichy France and Co-Belligerent Italy isn’t in the game, obviously it is hard to do this.

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