Looking for miniatures for Axis and Allies Boardgame

  • Just wanted some of your opinions on what miniature company has the better models to paint up to use in game? I have looked at Shapeways and GHQ they seem to be the best. I don’t need crazy detail but a good looking model. I notice there is a difference in the shapeways options like “strong and flexible” and “frosted detail” Just looking to see what you guys like better . I haven’t looked for minis for a long time so I am out of the loop. Any help would be appreciated.

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    It depends on what kind of units you’re looking for and what you want to spend. HBG’s units have a bit more detail than the OOB A&A units but not as much as those other sites you listed. I’m sure you’ve already checked them out though.
    I bought most of my 1/72 scale custom infantry from this site;

    They have all kinds of other pieces as well but I never looked at buying other units from them so I don’t know if that what’s you’re looking for.

  • One important point to watch for is unit scale, which actually varies between unit types.  There have been some estimates posted in the forum now and then, such as here:


    Because of these scale differences, it’s probably not possible to single-source miniatures from a single supplier, other than from companies like HBG which make units specifically intended for use in A&A.  GHQ, if I recall correctly, makes WWII ship models which are too large for A&A; Navwar makes smaller ones, I think, but you may have to go with even smaller ships than those because they’re still meant for tabletop wargaming rather than the A&A board games.

  • Going to start with Us and Japan Navy and Air. Looking for Hellcats they seem to be hard to find. Starting slowly. Been a long time.

  • I bought all my planes in 1/600 scale from tumbling dice uk. The fighters are smaller than OOB in that scale but once you go to Strategic bombers they can get big. I have B-29 G5N and JU 290 that are pretty big but with flight stands they are not an issue.

  • I bought my F6F and A6M’s from there and they are a tad smaller but in my opinion perfect

  • I would like to put in another plug for Historical Board Gaming.  They should be able to help you get a good start.  While they don’t have any Hellcats, they do have Wildcats if its any help.


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    I’ll second Andy above.  HBG has some great pieces and they paint up really well because of the detail.  Good source for OOB pieces as well.  Their Fw-190’s are a bit smaller than the OOB versions, but everything else I’ve gotten from them has been great.  Especially the Hellcats, Vals, and Stuka G’s.

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