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Custom carriers from OOB's and painted pieces

  • @DMcLaren Just like the picture !! The tricolor flag on the tail is great. That will be the first plane on somebodies ANZAC carrier.

  • Just gorgeous.

  • 2018 Customizer

    Thanks, guys. Glad you like the pieces. I replaced the pictures of the Vals on the bottom of page 2 with recent pictures of the finished bunch with their canopies done. We realized we’d never finished the canopies on the Oscars, so when those are done I’ll replace the picture of the Japanese fighters. We wanted to show how the camouflage schemes of the Imperial Japanese Navy went together so we put a few sorties together for a few runs down The Slot.

    The Night Raiders:

    The Coastal Fleet:

    And my personal favorite, The Fleet of Fog:
    (Can you find the 6 airplanes in the Fog Fleet?)

  • @DMcLaren awsome

  • 2018

    awesome ! is right ! Looks like too much Fun ! 🙂

  • 2018 Customizer

    I added a final picture of the Japanese fighters to the Zeroes picture post on the bottom of page 2, right above the finished Aichi D3A Vals. There is a slight difference in Zero sculpts between sets- one set has a thinner rudder and wings, but not by much.

  • 2018 Customizer

    Added final Japanese bombers pictures to page 2 and forgot to mention the added UK finished fighters on page 3. If you like them, please click the little heart at the bottom right of the post and show them some love!

  • Wow! You guys do some outstanding work. I am trying to paint my own sculpts for about a year now. I live in an isolated community in British Columbia, Canada. I use whatever acrylic paints I can lay my hands on. That goes for the brushes as well. I tried using masking tape to get detail, but it hasn’t worked out great. I will probably have to order online to get some of the supplies that you have mentioned. Again, great work! Fantastic patience! Kudos to you!

  • 2018 Customizer

    @tatsu Thank you very much! Your appreciation means a lot to us. My buddy and I are fortunate enough to live just outside Detroit, Michigan where we have a few nice hobby shops. He does the ships in acrylics and I do the aircraft in enamels. The acrylics come from the local hobby shop, as do most of the brushes (Micheal’s for good brushes, as well), but I can’t find Testor’s (also under the Model Master brand) enamel locally so I get it on Amazon (and the dullcote). “Army Painter” makes some great acrylics and fine, tiny brushes that allow fine lines and details (like their “Psycho” & “Insane Detail” brushes- get both!). Its the smaller brushes that will allow you to get the fine squiggly lines for camo and smaller lines for carrier decks. I’m pretty sure they’ll ship to you: https://www.thearmypainter.com/

    I tried masking tape when I was trying to get straight black lines on the tops of the Japanese bombers, but the pieces are too small for masking tape to work effectively. I ended up using the reflected light from my magnifying lamp on the fuselage as a straight edge guide and hand lined it with a 20/0 brush and filled it with a 3/0. I have, though, made “stencil guides” out of 3x5 cards to do things like line up the “red tape” on the Spitfire wings by cutting a small piece of card and punching the nose of the aircraft through the card and folding it onto the wings, marking where the guns go with a pencil, removing the card, cutting a small hole where I marked, and then putting that on the nose of the aircraft, dab a spot of color in the hole to be squared later, and then reversing the card on the nose for the other wing. Also helps with decal placement if you don’t have a better measuring tool.

    FOlewnik has started on the US Navy while I’m working on some UK bombers and US tacticals. The GHQ destroyers and destroyer escorts that FOlewnik got at last year’s “Check Your 6!” gameday in Dayton, OH are finally getting a coat of paint and some proper hull numbers and are looking good. Testor’s makes decal sheets that I’ve been experimenting with to good effect for the underside of the Dauntless SBD and their top side control surfaces (like dive flaps and ailerons). Below are HBG’s South Dakota BB and GHQ’s DD USS Helm (NOT DE Lansing as previously thought- Helm received 11 battle stars for her World War II service in the Pacific). by FOlewnik in acrylic (I’d just put the hull numbers on and hadn’t put Microsol on them yet and they’re not dullcoted-BB needs touch-up), and my test tactical (try not to chuckle at the sound of that) with my home made decal top and bottom in enamel. I’m not happy with the inked rudder and the rest of the tacticals won’t get the full bottom and top that the test piece got. It still needs the exhaust drawn in and another engine vent on each side, and the test decal isn’t straight on one rear wing on the bottom, but I’m please with the potential.


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