3rd battle of Long Island Sept 23rd all day in WHitestone Queens NY

  • Hi All
        We are putting together a 1 day Axis and Allies Day/convention in Whitestone NY.  This is actually are 4th time and we plan on doing this 3 times a year so it can be a tournament format in that sense. It is all about playing and having fun. We have had between 14 and 26 people. While all versions of the game are great we have mostly been playing Global 40 with a bid for the allies. We have an undefeated team in Global 40 with players who have won and finished 2nd at the WBC but new players are very welcome. Its really about playing and having fun. Last time we had someone sell old games and raffle them off also. We have a church with plenty of parking, a fridge, and serve light snacks. We charge 10 dollars just so the Church gets something. We start at 10 am and end about 10pm but no one kicks us out. You can come a bit early to if you like.
                                    Hope your interested

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