• Disciplinary Group Banned

    It has come to my attention 30 years ago,and since then that all A&A games have obsolete units in them. All strategies are defunct because people buy obsolete units. When people stop buying obsolete units, they will win a ton more games against the people that do buy obsolete units.

    Larry Harris is a good game designer, but he is not a great game designer because he doesn’t know about this flaw. If he doesn’t change he will continue producing flawed A&A games, and then some. The games that he creates is not worth the price you pay for it So hopefully he will fix this flaw so we can have great quality games. Don’t get me wrong, he has created good games, but not great games because of this.

    Happy hunting everyone!!! 🙂

  • Liaison TripleA '11 '10

    This is like saying chess comes with obsolete units.

  • It’s all so clear now! Last game I bought drones and tactical nukes, my opponent didn’t stand a chance with his WWII-era units  😄 😄 😄

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