• I have a question about fighters landing using the out-of-the-box rules in the Revised Edition of the game.  I’ve been referencing the FAQ as well.

    As far as I can tell, air units involved in combat finish moving to their landing sites right after their combat is resolved.  On page 18 of the PDF rulebook on Wizard’s site, Completing Air Units’ Move is a subsection of Step 8: Capture Territory and therefore happens immediately before I move on to the next contested territory.  (This is different than LHTR where planes move for landing during non-combat.)

    Correct me on the above if I’m wrong, otherwise, nothing I ask below will matter.

    Imagine the following set up.
    A fighter moves 3 spaces to conduct combat. All the land territory nearby is hostile, so a sea zone is the only space within the remaining movement for the plane to go to land.

    Scenario A: My aircraft carrier is sitting in the sea zone. No problems, my fighter can move there after conducting combat to land.
    Scenario B: My aircraft carrier is not there, but can (and must) move there on non-combat to catch the fighter.  No problem.
    Scenario 😄 My aircraft carrier is there, because it moved there with a large fleet to conduct combat on some enemy boats that were there. Is my fighter allowed to move into a sea zone that has not been cleaned yet (but is contested)?

    As far as I see, there are two possible outcomes for scenario 😄

    1. yes, the fighter can move there.  It cannot be involved in the sea battle (only one battle per turn). It just sits and waits until the battle has been resolved. If the battle goes poorly and we lose the aircraft carrier, or the carrier retreats, then the fighter will be lost at the end of non-combat.
    2. no, the fighter is not allowed to move there. In that case, the fighter simply has no valid place to go after it’s combat.  While it was not a kamikaze run (the initial move was legal), it became a suicide run simply based on the order in which the battles were resolved.

    Thanks for your time and expertise.

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    The first answer is the correct one.

  • Thank you.

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