The metal Flight stands that FMG used to stock….

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    IWNGU Gaming can no longer source these from a very quiet FMG.

    Does anyone else know where I can get the same from out there.  Ive been searching online but cant find anything close.

    Thanks to any that can help……(why oh why did I not buy them sooner!)

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    No idea if there are any other sources for metal flight stands…but here’s an out-of-the box thought, in case no better options are available.  Assuming that you do want metal flight stands, as opposed to acrylic ones (which are available on the market), would modified metal golf tees possibly work?  I’ve just checked online, and metal golf tees do in fact exist in various models.  An inverted golf tee would be about the right shape, height and width to work as an A&A flight stand, and the metal variety would provide the metal characteristic that you’re looking for.  The pointy part would have to be adapted so that a plane sculpt would sit on top of it, but that could easily be done by capping it with, let’s say, a little rubber o-ring or washer of some sort, like the ones in this picture for example…

    or a similar product from hardware store, glued or cemented in place on top of the tee spike.

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    And here’s a follow-up thought.  Assuming that a suitable model of metal golf tee were available for bulk purchase by a company from a wholesaler at a decent price, and assuming that little washers of the correct size can be purchased in boxes containing dozens (or hundreds) of units, and that a suitable cement or glue or other bonding agent could be found to attach rubber to metal securely (perhaps some of the model builders on this forum would know what would work best), might IWillNeverGrowUp consider producing these things in-house as a specialty line?  IWNGU, as a company, would be able to make the required purchases from  wholesalers rather than retailers, and could do so in larger numbers than individuals would buy, which would allow economies of scale to be made.  This is, of course, assuming there was a decent market for these products – something which IWNGU might be able to determine via this frorum.

  • I am in the same boat.  Should have bought those stands when they were available.  If you are set on the metallic look and don’t mind working with small parts, you could try and make some DIY stands.  That is what I did and they seem to be working fine to me.

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    I can not promise anything, but we are looking into helping the community get flight stands here at the Cliffside Bunker. I didn’t want to say anything before my tournament event, but I feel that the demand is strong enough to say something now… However, I must ask for your patience, there is a lot of research involved with this and again… we are not promising anything.



  • If you aren’t dead set on metal Litko mini flight stands are great. Mine just came in and look awesome.

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    If you aren’t dead set on metal Litko mini flight stands are great. Mine just came in and look awesome.

    I can confirm the Litko stands are really great. I ordered them a few weeks ago and they come in a multitude of different heights as well. Great to distinguish fighters from bombers for example.

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    Ask and you shall receive!

    These are not readily available pegs from an online store.  The ones we used here are extruded acrylic rods that need to be cut to length. They have HIGH machine tolerance levels. What that means is they are 0.001"+/- from the advertised diameter, and they can be press fit into the base without glue. And no, they will not work loose. You need pliers and a lot of force to pull them apart. The base has more than enough density to stand up right with the biggest bombers in the game even if the table is knocked around. The base is a nickel coated steel 12mm in diameter that fits the center of the counter chips perfectly just like the infantry do.

    Having just mentioned the infantry, the stands are 32mm tall from the table top to the tip of the peg, leaving more than enough room for that pesky japanese bayonet.

    I hope the community enjoys them as much as I did making them for you!

    Flight stands by wartorn.jpg

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