• When reviewing these boards, I have seen many posts about going all Pacific or all Atlantic with the allies (America in particular). When playing as either UK or US, I find that it is almost impossible to avoid half the war. In my most recent games, the decisive blows of the war were a collective assault on the southern Japanese islands. Borneo and E. Indies are a treasure trove of IPC, and are a great launching point for an attack on Manilla and Tokyo. By using the combined India fleet, land pressure from India, and the US pacific fleet, you can cut the Japanese out of this crucial area by US 3/4, creating a massive advantage. As Japan, you have several options for playing. Build navy and focus on America, build a mainland IC, and attack Russia/India, or somewhere in between. Attacking India/Russia is likely more detrimental to the allied cause, because Russia is the main line of defense in Europe. By going north and scissoring Russia with Germany, or south and taking India, the axis put Russia in a horrible spot. This is why taking some heat off the Japan/Rus front can be vital. Russia can hold off Germany for a max of probably 5/6 turns unaided before they fall. More if UK/US can fly over some fighters. This gives US/UK time to swoop in for Borneo/E Indies gaining a total of 8. This drops Japan to a min. of 22, effectively crippling their navy, and forcing them on the defensive. At this point, the US and UK, have probably landed in N. Africa and Norway. Now you shuck over troops, and roll to Berlin.

  • Strange that nobody answered so far?! In my games going full pac or atl only worked (a little) with the US when the British did very well. I even tried to take Borneo but ended up with a japanese fleet that threatened the US westcoast.

    So in summary we managed to take some pressure from the Russians but came in a - in my opinion - much worse position. Because then we had to build units to defend the american homeland…

    Any ideas what we did wrong?

  • @amp12 What were you doing with these Allied countries in Europe at the same time? Just curious.

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