Whatcha readin'?

  • If you are going to read Ayn Rand… just pick the one that is the pinnacle of her writings… Atlas Shrugged.

    The others are precursors for the most part… incompletely developed; or her non-fiction of her philosohpical principles.

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    I had alot of time to read reciently, I’ve found I’m not much in the mood for realistic type books right now.  I started into some Clancy, but lost interest.  I did read Davinci Code on the plane over.  I devoure books 🙂 20 hous for that one… I also read the second one, it was beter in my opinion.

    The week before, belive it or not, I read the first four Potter books.  I loved them and am looking forward to the fifth.  I just cracked Drew Carey’s Dirty Jokes and Beer.  Like I said reality escape 😄

  • @Jermofoot:

    And CC - welcome back.  You’re trip was enjoyable/productive?

    thanks a lot man!

    I had an absolutely WONDERFUL trip - from the moment i set foot in Vancouver, through the three weeks of Australia, until midnight when i arrived back into Winnipeg.

    Now for endless days and nights of bliss in the ICU . . . . 😞

  • I’m working on two books on my lengthy “to read” shelf.  The first is The Sling and the Stone, by Marine Col. Thomas Hammes. It’s an assessment of modern American military doctrine.  The second book is Misfire by William Hallahan, a rather overly critical work on the history of American arms manufacturing, trying to highlight the failures such as early rifle manufacturing at Springfield and Harper’s Ferry, all the way to the M-16 fiasco early in the Vietnam campaign.

  • I just finished reading the abridged memoirs of Winston Churchill, covering WWII of course. It was new for me to get the British perspective, and very informative.

    Also, A Feast for Crows by George R.R. Martin.

    For those about to read The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich- excellent book- I’ve read it twice. You won’t be disappointed.

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