Attila the Hun board game: Yeah or Na?

  • Hey guys

    I was thinking of a cool idea for a board game i am considering making. i have always tinkered around with board games and am considering making one myself. I am considering making a board game about the fall of the roman empire. It would be a sorta free for all game with the goal of conquering Rome within a certain round limit. What are your thoughts?

  • Customizer

    It really just needs a new version of Conquest of the Empire with barbarians added. The “inflation” mechanic can be used to change the balance between Rome and the barbarians, e.g. it becomes more and more expensive for the Romans to recruit new armies, so the barbars become vis a vis progressively stronger.

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    “And so the bravest nations tore themselves to pieces. For then, I think, must have occurred a most remarkable spectacle, where one might see the Goths fighting with pikes, the Gepidae raging with the sword, the Rugi breaking off the spears in their own wounds, the Suavi fighting on foot, the Huns with bows, the Alani drawing up a battle-line of heavy-armed and the Heruli of light-armed warriors”

    Gepid Swordsman
    Rugi Spearman (ignores wound)
    Suavi Footman
    Hunnic Mounted Bowman
    Heruilan Peltasts Light Infantry
    Alani Heavy Shock Troops

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