• I love this game, but is so weak on the subject.  So, I was once frustrated, but now play with some house rules and couple of map changes that (I believe) brings some life into the game.  Was wondering how others feel.

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    India restricted build (tried 6 and 4) and Neutral Albania. I then remove the recommended
    Units , as per Tournament rules. There are still too many Allied ships.

    Have twice played with an impassable Switzerland. (That would always  be my choice.) my next HR would be that the US cannot move even its Navy, until at war. As it stands, it could
    Be in The Med in time to take on Austria and I don’t like that.

  • Standard tournament rules (no adjustment with regard to starting units), plus 1 house rule clarifying the double movement rule.

  • Do the tournament rules count as house rules? I didn’t because it was made by Larry. I think the game is amazing with those rules and is my favorite axis and allies game ever!!!

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    I really enjoy 1914 and play OOB or with house rules as others prefer. Played wittmann recently and he introduced me to the tournament rules which I did think added to the game. Look forward to trying them again.

  • I added using Tournament rules as an option - didn’t think of at first because I’m not a fan of the quick movement.

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