• Hi all.  new to the forum, but been customizing my game for a few years.  Honestly my favorite bit is customizing pieces then watching people enjoy them as we play.  Just FYI, I only have the 2004 Revised edition (please forgive me), but it suits my playing purposes.  I do like to play around an build new armies for it.  I’ve added a Finnish and Free French Army and it plays surprisingly well with 7 players. 
    Anyhow, I’m interested in Crowd sourcing for ideas for my next batch of pieces.  I’m tossing around building an Italian Army with HBG or FMG pieces.  But I’m also open to suggestions if is should add special pieces to my already-existing armies (i.e. Afrika Corps, Naval Task Force).  For fun I’ve even thought of throwing together an Israel 1947 army.  It would just be a fun exposition piece… no real way to play it in the game.
    I’ve seen a lot of y’alls videos online (I think some of you have seen mine).  So I get the confusion of custom units within nations.  But again, it’s just something I’m interested in doing.  I haven’t had a chance to fish through all the forums yet, so I know there’s probably a topic I haven’t found yet.  But I didn’t know if y’all wanted to fill my head with bad ideas.  Thanks.

  • annnnd…. I thought I was in the customization topic.  sorry for the mix up.

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    Hey welcome to the forum - what videos do you make online? Do you have a link? Once you get enough posts you can put pictures of your work on the forums here.

  • I’m thetruegriff on youtube.  this forum won’t let me upload links.  but if you search “painted axis and allies pieces finns” one of my vids is first.
    I also uploaded my Soviet and Free French armies.
    My digital camera is dying, so I tried making vids of the rest of my armies, but the lighting and focus are all weird.  I figured I’d spare everyone the frustration and just not upload poor quality vids.
    I’m about to move across the country, so buying a new camera hasn’t been high on my priorities.  I promise I’ll get the rest of my armies up there eventually. Â

  • .youtube.com/watch?v=1_lbdCgjavc&t=3s

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    I remember those videos. Awesome job, on those. I can’t wait to see more of your painted units.

    Cheers! 😄

    John Brown

  • Thanks!  Glad you enjoyed them.
    My current digital camera is crapping out.  I made some more videos, but got frustrated with the quality.  So I’ve decided to spare everyone poor focus and try to re-shoot my other army videos.  I promise I’ll get them up eventually.  I got the Germans, Japan, USA, UK, and even have some additions for my Soviets.  I’ll probably work on getting those up during the holiday season since i’ll have more time off from work.

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