• I have played alot of games as the allies recently and in almost every single game, I have lost Egypt at a G2 attack. In one game (the latest game I played), I bought a factory on UK1 and hoped to change that around. I still had to invest a TON in order for Egypt to hold for the second round and I quickly realized that even though I managed to hold of Egypt, the cost was to great.

    It simply feels like the game is completely lost when Germany takes Egypt at the second round. From my perspective, there seems to be an extremely important triangle in the game (Egypt, Moscow, India) that the allies REALLY need to hold, if they lose one of these parts of the triangle, the game is over. While when playing as the allies, the only thing I really try to do is defend these points, which sooner or later will break.

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    Hi Simon. All your points are true.
    Most of us would only play the Allies with a boost (or bid). Many are
    Happy to give the Allies 12 more IPCs of units, but I would only  play them with about 20.

    Have you seen that Larry Harris (the designer) has amended
    The set up for Tournament play? It helps The UK and reduces the Germans somewhat
    . We have found the Axis still usually win, but it does help.

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    The thread is just below your one.

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