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    Is it possible for UK to place a minor factory on Scotland, or does the “no factories on islands” rule apply?

    Asking for a friend… 😄

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    That rule doesn’t apply, as Scotland is not an island.  An island is defined as “a single territory surrounded entirely by one or more sea zones.”  As Scotland borders two other territories (Eire and United Kingdom), it doesn’t meet that definition.

  • You can factory it but most players see it as a waste of money because you can just easily reinforce it from London and usually Scotland is site 1 of Sea Lion invasion.

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    I’ve never even considered a factor for Scotland, but I did put a naval base there once with some success (for transporting to Leningrad).

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    Thanks for the response.  The situation that sparked this question was:

    Germany had successfully captured London.  When the allies recaptured UK, the discussion between my team mate and me was whether to pay to upgrade the minor in London back to a major or just place a minor in Scotland.  In the end it didn’t matter since the Axis capitulated later that turn.

  • I don’t see why you wouldn’t pay for upgrading the minor as you can produce more units in the longer run.

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    I don’t see why you wouldn’t pay for upgrading the minor as you can produce more units in the longer run.

    There’s a few reasons:

    1. 20IPC vs 12IPC
    2. A major factory is bomber bait
    3. If you lose it, it gets downgraded again.

    I can’t think of any more though.

  • What I mean is why have two minors on two territories instead of one major on UK? And regardless, that factory will be a target for Axis Europe due to London being technically the more dangerous factory to them. Plus Scotland is usually a safer landing site for Sea Lion and I see it being too dangerous to defend when you can just let Axis land there and just beat them easily from London.

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    What I mean is why have two minors on two territories instead of one major on UK?

    I understood. The above are reasons to do so. If you don’t need the other 4 units, the extra money for a major can be wasted.

  • Sure but we’re talking about a situation in which it is lost and then rebuild which wouldn’t matter at this point as UK should have help.

  • In a normal circumstance I wouldn’t build a minor on Scotland unless it was late in the game and the UK needed more production to fill transports heading to Europe. With that said as the UK you would be hard pressed to build more then 10 units per turn though because 5 inf/5 art is 35 IPCs. if for some reason you have more then that I would just sprinkle in some tanks.  An early IC build on Scotland would defiantly get the attention of the Germans as it is often a stepping stone for the invasion of London anyway. Even if the Axis weren’t thinking Sea Lion, it would be hard to pass up a gift like that as Germany LOL.

    Now in the situation at hand (after the liberation of London) it really depends on how much income/territories the UK has at the time, and where the allies (UK) want/need to build. Maybe the UK has lost most of Africa, and will only be generating 15-20 IPc’s and wouldn’t be able to build more then a half dozen units for the next couple turns. They could also conclude that their focus be elsewhere once London is liberated. Maybe the English have IC’s in the Egypt/Middle East and want to produce in that theater. If that’s the case then they wouldn’t need 10 production up there because with their limited income they simply wouldn’t be building many units in their Island kingdom anyway.

    A miner added to Scotland would give them 6 production, and save them 8 IPCs (vs upgrading the London IC back to a major). W/Scotland IC added you can still build 6 ground units per turn, and transport them to mainland Europe. Plus with your transport fleet based in sz110 you would still get the benefits of the London AB/NB.

    On the other hand, if the allies are planning on using London as a base for invading Europe, then a major would be the way to go (although it could be several turns before the UK could meet that goal of 10 units per turn).

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    Yeah, in our game the question at first was “should I?”. Then, it quickly became a matter of “is it allowed?”.  Ultimately, I decided NOT to build in Scotland. I certainly appreciate the strategic discussion on the matter though.

  • I argued should I for Scotland too which I said no as you have to worry about that being Sea Lion invasion and you can just beat it up from London.

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