• Hello everyone!

    I am new on board and also new on AA 1940 Global 2nd Edition.
    Before we were playing AA 1942 2nd Edition and AA 1940 Europe 2nd Edition, but we will have our first match on a global board soon.
    Ahead we would like to clearify some points, which are (in our humble opinion) not stated clear in the rulebooks.

    Please correct me if I am wrong:
    a) Soviet Union is not allowed to move units into a Neutral Territory as long as they are a Neutral State.
    b) In AA1940E this means, not before (at least one of) the Axis declared war on Soviet Union or until round 4.
    c) In AA1940G, Soviet Union may declare war on Japan whenever they want, also Round 1.

    Does a declaration of war against Japan allow Soviet Union (which is now no longer a Neutral State) to enter a Friendly Neutral Territory on Europe side of the map e.g. NW Persia?

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    Morning amd welcome to the forum, Fiera.
    You are correct with a, b and c.

    The answer to The last question is no. Only a Declaration of War on the European side, allows Russia to non combat into a Friendly Neutral, like NW Persia. They can enter China, once they are at war with Japan.

  • Thank you very much wittmann for your clarification.

  • Just to add to wittmann, the Russians are played with different political rules on each map (Europe/Pacific). They are still one power though, so you can send units from the Euro side to the Pac side if you want. For example if you are at war w/Japan you can send Russian ground and air units that start on the Euro map into China to help prop them up (because the Chinese are also at war w/Japan). You could even send those Russian ftrs to Burma or India (via China) once the UK Pac is at war with Japan (but just because you can doesn’t mean you should LOL)

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