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    I’ve been collecting seaplanes over the last 6 months for use in Global 40. I only have to get some for the US now. I had ordered some from Shapeways but when they arrived they were too small (smaller than a regular fighter) so I’m looking at other options.

    I’ve also been trying to gather information about how to use seaplanes. HBG has their stats listed at Attack-2, Defence-2, Movement-5 to 8 depending on which unit, and Cost-8 or 9. They can attack subs without a destroyer. Like all weapons in the war, the different planes were not created equal so their stats are different. I would want to have uniform stats for them though in keeping with spirit of the A&A game of all units being equal between the nations for purposes of playability.

    A Seaplane Base would increase movement by 1. Planes would actually end their movement on the land (coast) and would have the ability to scramble (with a seaplane base) the same as a fighter/tac does with an airbase.

    My search for how to use them has been limited due to the lack of information out there. It looks like they were used mostly for long-range patrol of the waters and for hunting subs. Their armaments included machine guns and torpedoes. Since you can see every unit on the board there is no need to use them to search for boats.

    What I’m thinking is A-2, D-2, M-5, C-9. They can only target ships. They do not fight on land. Since their main function was to hunt subs, they would spot subs for other ships like a destroyer does. Due to their limited use in the war I will only have 2 of each unit available to each nation on the board at any one time. All nations (excluding France and China) will place one Seaplane and one Seaplane Base on the board before the game begins. Seaplanes can land on any friendly coastal territory they want but must be placed at their own Seaplane Base to enter the game. Seaplane Bases would cost 10 and would work exactly like an Airbase for purposes of scrambling Seaplanes, increasing movement, and damage done to them. Like Airbases, I wouldn’t expect very many Seaplane Bases to be purchased since each nation already has one.

    I’m looking for input on this before I introduce them into my game.
    What stats would you use?
    What should happen if a territory containing a Seaplane is attacked by land? Would it take part in the defence? Could it escape to a friendly territory instead of just sitting there and watching the other units fight?
    Should it be a naval unit as I have suggested or should it be used on land as well?

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    Have you seen my proposed rules for a Naval Combat Search before naval combat? Seaplanes can be used to add significant modifiers.

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    The cost seems a bit high at 9 IPC’s when a better, more versatile unit is available for 10.

    Also, since a sub can not attack/defend against aircraft, if a seaplane attacks a sub by itself that would basically be an auto kill.  Unless the seaplane is limited to one round of combat.  If it can’t kill the sub on the first pass then the sub gets to submerge.

    I like the idea of a seaplane.  Especially if there were more uses for it.

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    I was thinking the same thing about subs being able to submerge. I was debating whether to give the plane one shot or 2 before the sub was able to get out of range. Another thing that HBG had in their rules was that the seaplane could land at a newly conquered territory if there was a seaplane base there. Maybe the cost should be the same as a destroyer since they do basically the same thing. But then again perhaps the cost is right when compared to a destroyer since you can fly it back to a coastal territory instead of leaving it exposed in the combat zone. A fighter is definitely more versatile but it can’t kill subs without a destroyer and doesn’t have quite the same range. I don’t see Russia buying any but think of how handy they would be for ANZAC.

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    I have 2 types of seaplanes in my 40 game. I use a small seaplane for carriers and a large one for landing on land only. For D12 I have both planes A4 for subs only and D2 if attacked. They cannot target other ships or ground units. You could use A2 D1 for D6.

    I would have it where you don’t need to buy a sea base. They get the 1 extra move from any airbase and the small sea plane will be on a carrier to help in its movement.

    Sm sea plane. A4 D2 M4 C6 can land on carrier or land.
    Big sea plane. A4 D2 M6 C8  can only land on land

    This would be for all countries where u said keep it simple.

    Each of the major countries start with a 1 small and 1 big sea plane at Capital.

    I do have them used for another 39 game where they have to find the fleet before they attack. But that’s not what your looking for.

    Don’t know if this is what your looking for.

  • I use sea planes for convoy raiding and as tactical bombers against a naval force with target selection on a 1.

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