Global rule - Operative airbases extended range limited to 3 planes

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    There are a lot of goofy moves and strategies that come from being able to move an unlimited number of planes an extra space when they start on an airbase (e.g. German all bomber strategy; Japan India crush).

    So here is a rule to bust it:

    An airbase with no more than 2 damage points can extend range by 1 space for up to 3 planes; not unlimited planes as in the standard rulebooks.

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    If an airbase has more than 2 damage points would therefore be 3 or more which means it’s not functional at all.

    I think 3 is too restrictive.

    I would be ok with trying a house rule that requires:

    1. Air Base is completely damage free for any extra movement range period.

    2. 3 plane types could move an extra movement point; not unlimited… So, 3 bombers, 3 tacs, 3 fighters…ect.

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