How many of y'all do the UK1 attack on SZ 37?

  • Just was wondering the general idea as to whether or not it’s a good idea. I usually do it around 75% of the time.
    Can’t wait to hear y’all’s thoughts.

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    I always used to do it, even without a bid. Perhaps, I do it a little less now. With a bid of a Sub, would always do it. Mostly, because I don’t know what to do with the Anzac fleet otherwise. Killing half the Jap Capital ships helps the YS get on parity quicker too

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    Without a bid I think there are often better things to do.

  • Never without a bid. I send India ships into the med, and aus ships towards morocco.

    Taking the J transport seems more beneficial than taking out a J plane, which is about all I can get from SZ37. I don’t really like either suicide approach.

  • What is a bid? I think I have a general idea (amount of cash given to the allies/axis depending on how the game is balanced) but could someone elaborate?

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    It is as you said. Players agree in advance what the weaker side will get extra.
    When playing competitively, it is like  an auction, with each player bidding to play the Axis (in this version). I would start and say: uou can have 30 IPCs of units, if I can have the Axis. You accept, or would have  to say: no. I will have the Axis amd you can have 29 extras IPCs in
    Allied units. It goes until one player accepts the bid (as the Allies). The extra units can
    Be placed anywhere where at least one unit of that nation already is. One only per territory or SZ.

  • Thanks for the fast response.
    What is a typical bid amount for 1942.2?

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    At least 12. A lot of people like to give Russia a Bomber. I would rather a Sub for East Indies
    And another DD for the American Atlantic fleet. I would like nearer 20.

    Have you seen that the designer, Larry Harris,  has listened to Greg Smorey, who runs  Gen Con Tournaments and done an official change? I have played 5 games with the amendments and seen two Allied  victories and three Axis ones. It does go a long way to addressing the discrepancy and also makes a refreshing change.

    The Germans lose an Atlantic Sub and have their Bomber moved to the Ukraine (so dies on R1). The UK’s Med Cruiser is Moved out of the Med to the Atlantic  side of Gib, a DD is added to the fleet at Scapa Flow amd two Inf are added to  India.
    I still think Japan should have been weakened , but having a fun (alive) UK on R2 helps

  • If you play with the new setup and no bids, I could see it as a potentially good gambit. You would have to commit the Egypt fighter, which may cause you to lose Egypt. But at least India should hold with the extra Inf in the new setup.

    At 55% win chance, it may well be worth the investment. Losing all of that navy for J gives america a shot at the Pacific. This will likely cause you to have no fighters in the theater. The US fighter can move from china to Egypt to hold a G2 push, but depending on what they do in the Med, that may not be enough.

    If you pull it off and still have a surviving fighter, I think that you are pretty golden.

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    Without a bid, why wouldn’t Germany smash Egypt? Then you can’t do the attack unless you get lucky in the naval campaign in SZ16.

    Otherwise, I will always do it. Then you can take the money islands off Japan. If you lose, you have already lost the game though.

  • Thanks, wittmann, I will have to try that version out.

    Would anyone want to do a slower paced play by forum game? I haven’t ever done one so I would need some pointers.

    Thanks everyone!

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    A few years ago, I would have said yes. I am afraid, things have changed in my life, so I will have to decline your offer. 
    I hope you get a game.

  • That’s fine, plus I wouldn’t want to get squashed by someone who’s had as much experience as you obviously have.
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  • What is " a dd is added to fleet at scappa flow"?

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    DD is a Destoyer. Sorry for The confusion

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