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Battle of Britain Dates - 15 October & 21 January

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    Calling all British A&A Players - Your Country Needs You!

    These quarterly all day events are held in Derbyshire. Usually we have the number of players to get a couple of games going - one of 42.2 and another of either Anniversary or 1914.

    Players of all ages and abilities welcome.

    Just reply to this thread or message Private Panic if you would like to know more.

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    Calling all British A&A Players - Your Country Needs You!


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    Hey Marc. Thanks for that. I think I will be using it.

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    Hey Marc. Thanks for that. I think I will be using it.

    My pleasure.  That poster’s been parodied as much as its WWII counterpart-in-fame, the “Keep calm and…” one.

  • Don’t like Global 42 but 1914 would be good. Keep me posted.

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    Hi Moltke 🙂

    What do you mean by Global 42? The multi-day Global 1940 game? Or the one day 1942 (second edition) game?

    We usually have sufficient attendees for two games. To accommodate less experienced players one of these has generally been 1942 (second edition). We do not play Global 1940. The other game has usually been either 1914 or Anniversary.

    However, I have been teaching our least experienced player Anniversary, so the need to play 1942 (second edition) is disappearing.

    But we decide which two games to play on the day as people arrive and any of 1942 (second edition), Anniversary or 1914 can be selected.

    Do you like Anniversary? If so, you are generally safe to assume either 1914 or Anniversary will be played. Your presence and stated preference would be likely to pretty much ensure it!

    If you are only up for 1914 then let me know and I will discover whether confirmed attendees are willing to commit to that in advance.

    Adam (PP)

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    New to the forum, name is Will and I’m in the Cambridge/London area of the UK.

    Like to play Global/Eur/Pac 40 and 1914.

    Ha! Just seen this on the Master Find Players list thread, so that presumably rules Anniversary out too?

    Some will say that Anniversary is the best of the variants. Have you tried it? If not come along and be willing to learn it, as well as play 1914.

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