• Do many of you build a Naval Base on Line Island in Sea Zone 29 as US player?

  • cant say that i do what is the need?

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    No Worsham. I am not a fan of ABs for the Pacific. I buy DDs, Carriers and Subs.

  • I believe in the Submarine (I-Boat, U-boat)

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    Whats the special plan with Line?  It doesn’t make it any easier to reach SZ 54 than Hawaii.

    The only good idea I could think of over there is to put a NB on Midway Island, so they have to block 3 spaces instead of 1 to screen out SZ 6.  Even Gilberts lets you hit Philippines…only thing I can think of with Line is it lets you head to the South Atlantic, when you could have just built over there.

  • If your navy is way down there, what is your contingency plan for me landing Japanese units in Alaska?

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    I think it’s pretty easy to keep a lot of the starting mechs in western US in case Japan wants to throw away transports to Alaska. Air on Hawaii can hit it too. I don’t think it assumed that building a naval base at the Line Islands means that Hawaii would have to remain defenseless without any ships/transports or planes.

    I would never buy a naval base for the Line Islands. I don’t think the US can afford that when trying to tip the balance of power in the sea before Japan gets Calcutta. I think that if Calcutta falls, than the US must concurrently take the money islands and hold them. Otherwise, Germany will be free from US influence and or Japan will overcome at either Hawaii or Sydney for the Victory City win.

  • I can’t think of any reason to build a NB on Line Is. Even if you plan to bounce to the Atlantic it would be just as well to depart from San Fran sz10 where you already have a NB (both are 3 spaces to sz89). As the US you are looking for forward bases to operate in the Pacific, not working backwards? You need to interfere w/Japan in the South Pacific (Money Islands), and Line Is doesn’t get you anywhere near there. Plus Line isn’t a good place to set-up to defend against a more powerful Japan if you go heavy Europe either.

    Better to stage off the coast of Queensland, or to have the US take the Caroline’s (both have AB/NB), and  the Anz can reinforce w/support ships and ftrs to scramble. Once you establish a good defensive posture you can start adding in subs/bmrs and go offense. Make the Japanese block you out feeding you destroyers that you take out with subs/air power. At some point hit hard w/USA, and have Anz clean up the Japanese Capital ships. You could also set up the Pac allies in a good defensive position and entice the Japanese to hit you, then clean up. Once Japan starts loosing big chucks of the Imperial Navy they fold up like a cheap suit.

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    Good advice Wild bill. I would also say be patient. Bad dice, especially 1st rd, on a big naval battle can really skew things.

  • @barney:

    Good advice Wild bill. I would also say be patient. Bad dice, especially 1st rd, on a big naval battle can really skew things.

    Patience does not help against bad dice though, even with 90% odds if you screw up round 1 you can still lose the battle and with it the entire game.
    Goes for the axis as well though.

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