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  • I had some new questions for which I hope I can get some definitive answers so my son and I can play more confidently:

    1. When purchasing sea units for Russia - you have to mobilize the sea unit adjacent to the Caucasus, where the sea unit is rendered unmovable because Turkey is neutral.  So how do you mobilize sea units for Russia?  Can you mobilize them at an allies Industrial Complex?

    2. Confirming: does a newly purchased sea unit get placed in a sea zone adjacent to territory with that countries industrial complex? (My son believes a sea unit is actually placed on the territory which houses the industrial complex)

    3. If US & UK units are occupying the same Ally territory and an Axis power makes a combat move into that territory, all Allied units take turn defending?  Is it mutually decided upon by the Allies which units are hit by an attack?

    4a) Isn’t UK & Western Europe immediately in combat from start of game since UK has sea units in sea zone adjacent to Western Europe?
    4b) Similarly, aren’t Siberia and Japan automatically in a combat situation from start of game for same reason?
    4c) Similarly, isnt the UK battleship in sea zone 5 in combat situation with western & eastern germany, norway/finland, and Germany from start of game?

    1. Can infantry and/or tank attack sea units, air units and/or land units while the infantry and/or tank is being carried on a transport?

    Thats all for now, but more will be asked soon! Thanks a lot!

  • Hi again!

    1. I haven’t played 1941 for a while, but a quick look at the map suggests that you’re right; you can’t mobilize them elsewhere. And no, you cannot mobilize them from your Allies IC. But not to worry, you really wouldn’t want to build sea units with Soviet Union anyway.

    2. Yes, you put it in a sea zone next to the territory with the industrial complex.

    3. Again yes, all units defend. The owner of the territory decides the casualties.

    4. I’m not sure if I get this, but it seems you’ve had a little misunderstanding with the combat; combat occurs after a player moves his/her units IN THE SAME territory/sea zone that enemy has units during the combat move phase. After ALL combat moves are declared by the player, you move on to the combat phase.
      So no, there aren’t any unresolved combats going on at the very beginning of the game. The first combat usually happens after Russia has made it’s combat move, trying to push the Germans further away from Moscow.

    5. No, land units can NEVER participate in sea combat. They can still die, though. For example, if your navy with transports is attacked and loses with enemy units still remaining, all transports and units within them are automatically destroyed, since they can’t fight back.

    Hope this helps out! Reading the rulebook from cover to cover can be tedious, but it’s still strongly recommended. It’s a really good and elaborate rule book, although some rules are found in places that you might not expect.

    Have fun playing!

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    The Russia naval question has raised the further question as to why R has naval units in the box. The answer was to take Berlin and build them there!

    To add to DrunkenCat’s answer 're combats - it appears that you are taking these to be when units are in adjacent territories or sea zones? It is actually when they are in the same tt or sz. The Power whose turn it is moves his units into somewhere containing enemy units during the combat move phase.

    I hate long involved rule books!

  • @Private:

    I hate long involved rule books!

    Really? I thought they were the best part of any game  😄

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    In that case you will be ecstatic when I buy Larry Harris’s new game and send you the rule book asking you to explain it to me! :lol:

  • @Private:

    In that case you will be ecstatic when I buy Larry Harris’s new game and send you the rule book asking you to explain it to me! :lol:

    What a treat  :lol:

  • Official Q&A


    1. Again yes, all units defend. The owner of the territory decides the casualties.

    Not exactly.  The defending players decide the casualties among themselves.  If they can’t decide, the attacker decides.

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    1. In 1941, yes, the only place the Russians can build a navy by default (without capturing Berlin) is to place the great Soviet Fleet in a land-locked sea, making it 99.9% useless.

    Of course, building a Soviet Fleet in-general (even if you could send it out into the world’s oceans) is usually about 99.8% useless.

    If you’re dead-set determined to build a great Soviet Navy to rule the waves and invade Japan with, there’s really only about two choices you have.
    A) Capture Berlin, build fleet there, be the envy of the Allied Navies
    B) House-rule in that you can build Industrial Complexes in 1941… Charge 15 IPCs and place a complex on the board so you can build a navy or whatever else (I know 1941 doesn’t come with them, you can literally use anything to denote an Industrial Complex, from an A&A complex used from a different version of A&A to Monopoly Hotels or even a Penny, it doesn’t matter, as long as everyone agrees what you’re using for Industrial Complexes).

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