USS Iowa to be Gay Museum. What next?


    How about a Giant condom for the Washington “Mountument?”

    Let’s do it!

    Then the USA can say we were ahead of France.
    Beware,the French may be considering  moving the Eiffel Tower behind the Arch de Triumph and adding two large spheres, plus a giant condom on the tower.  Thus, bringing safety, sex, homosexuality and architecture together to fulfill mankinds destiny.

  • We ARE talking about San Francisco here, and the ship is the Iowa… Not like it is the California being c=dicked and turned into a museum.

    Maybe Iowa needs to see about doing what North Carolina did and move the Iowa to their OWN state (just get it up the Mississippi…)

    BTW:  Have been to tour the USS North Carolina.  Was a great day trip for Angel and I.  About 20% of the lower decks are open to tour, and about 15% of the upper decks; 1 gun turret from top to bottom…  plus lots of stories, books, and info about the ship.  If you ever get to Wilmington, NC, is worth the 4-6 hours to tour it!

    And um… TRANSGENDERED TROOPS?  Have we EVER had ANY of those???

  • How about a tasteful post?

    They’re talking about honoring people who served in the military.  Where’s the problem?  I see the politics that are coming into play after they denied the Iowa initially, but its just a proposal for sneaking in the ship, not exactly what would happen.

  • Misleading title. The USS Iowa is going to honor minorities in the military, including Gays and Lesbians. It’s not like they are painting it rainbow here.

  • Exactly what I was getting at, Yanny.  Thanks.

    And by the article it seems that it’s not the city of SF that is asking for the monument, it’s the group that wants to harbor the ship there - and maybe make some $$$ ?

    Did anyone read the comments for the link?  I never knew homosexuality was a conspiracy…

  • Not to be a dick or anything, but who cares? I guess being a straight, white, male I just can’t force myself to care. I feel the same abotu Broke back Mountain. I don’t hate it, I simply don’t care. I would not go outta my way to see a movie about cheating husbands if they where straight either, if that was the only draw. Make whoever happy. For me the front would be something to pass through on my way to see the ship. If I got annoyed it would be that I don’t like the idea of promoting ANY group. Minority or majority. Take history at face value. Teach it all. Don’t sugar coat or vilify. Morality is what churches are for.

  • Dude, it IS a conspiracy! if gays and lessbians are “equal” with any other person, why must this be specified? why cant it just be dedicated to our men and women in uniform??? which would obviously include everyone??? Its racism if you ask me!!! singling out minorities as if they are different!!! 😮 😮 😮

  • Because is sucks to be a minority sometimes in this country. It wasn’t that long ago, probably in your lifetime, that blacks and whites were not legally equal in this country.

  • Based on your reply M36, my guess is that many consider them to NOT be equal.

    I’ve heard that it’s a gay conspiracy many times, and that they are shoving the lifestyle down innocent christian throats.  That is bass-ackwards.  I can’t count the number of times a christian has tried to proselytize me, but have never had a homosexual try to coax me into being gay.  And I’m friends with plenty of “them” to have the opportunity.

  • @M36:

    Dude, it IS a conspiracy! if gays and lessbians are “equal” with any other person, why must this be specified? why cant it just be dedicated to our men and women in uniform??? which would obviously include everyone??? Its racism if you ask me!!! singling out minorities as if they are different!!! 😮 😮 😮

    So if they slap a different title on it but it just happens to have nothing but gays and lesbians painted all over it, then it’s okay, right? By your comments, it is racist to have a Holocaust Museum since it only involves Jews. What can’t they throw in a little American Christian suffering too, right???

  • Yep, must have Christians and Lions in the Colliseum added to the holocaust museum…

    I hope you read that with DRIPPING sarcasm, as I intended

  • Moderator

    If you are a “minoritiy” build your own museum. There ahormonesre plenty of places to put a Gay and Lesbian Memoreum in SF… But on the Iowa? That is an oxymoron. Why would they want themselves painted in such a light? One reason their is Gay Relationships in the Mil. is cause they have no ladies around… So certain guys are going to get anxious/whatever you want to call it. They weren’t as some claim “born gay” they were forced to be because of Passion/whatever you want to call it. I think they would rather want to focus on Civilian Gays then milis… besides as far as the Persecuted Christian thing goes, I think I would rather show you a world-wide museum on Christian Persecution, with preformers like our loving, peaceful Allies the Chinese, then American Suffering, because, as you said, we haven’t suffered a lot. We are starting to feel the pressure of others that would like a society that is “un-Judeo Christian Ethic”… That is what M36 is referring to(I think)…


  • First of all, that is exactly how it works.  In the absence of hetero partners, where do people turn?  That is why prison inmates who get locked up for 20+ years end up taking what they want, in the form of gay sex.  Not that they prefer it, just that they have no other options…

    I only made that last comment to show why someone in that position would turn.  I’m in the Navy, on a ship right now, and there are plenty of girls around here, plenty of whom are attractive enough to be worthy of my “attention”.  And the Navy is not the only branch of the Armed Forces that allows women to serve.  I’m pretty sure women can join any branch they damn well please.  Now, granted, the military does discourage sexual (or other) relationships on board/in the field, but that is only because the emotion that often comes with it can cause problems in the workplace.

  • I think there is a strong distinction between prison rape and homosexual love.

  • That’s true!  I only used my example because of the suggestion that “Maybe some guys become gay when they are surrounded by men with NO women around.”  That’s why it happens in prison, and in some cases, that’s why it happens on Naval vessels.  For instance, on my ship, as I already said, we have a co-ed crew, so “becoming” gay isn’t really an issue.  However, on a submarine, where the crew is 100% male (females are not allowed to serve on subs) “becoming” gay is then more of an issue, simply because, again, those guys are surrounded by men, just like in prison.

  • I agree that we need to be diverse. I agree in affirming the rights of minorities. What bugs me is this whole thing where we have to push one group or another historically. Whites are not better, we where just the ones calling the shots. That was wrong. It was evil. Bad bad bad bad bad. It does not change the fact that since we held the reigns of power we got to be the ones making advances in science etc. George Washington Carver sounds liek a great guy, but does the inventor of Peanut butter deserve the same amount of time as Alexander Graham Bell? <shrug>Note: I am very Pro Gay rights. I think they should be able to marry. I am for affirmative action. I just want history to resemble what actually happened.</shrug>

  • wow, we are polar opposites. 😮

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