Worst Country to play

  • Depending on Axis play the USA is fucking boring the first 3 rounds of the game. You cant attacked you can only build and non-com.
    If germany does its job right it can get to russia round 6 so you got to sit on your hands 50% of the time.

    Just because UK and USSR are under siege does this make them less fun to play. Your options are limited and you have to make the best use of all your units. USA just has a lot of cash and nothing to do half the game.

  • I agree that USA is a boring nation to play at first. If the Axis powers does nothing threatening to the allies they are currently at war, then USA is forced to sit there and sit on their hands.

  • Uk pacific. Japan screws you in the first couple turns and knocks your ipcs down by 8 (Kwangtung, Borneo, and Shan state) and then your too weak to do anything. Oh also you have a crap navy.

  • @Caesar:

    China is a 50/50 nation, I have played as China and handed Japan’s ass to them before. Granted, Japan played terribly but still.

    I enjoy playing the role of “Japan’s Bleeding Ulcer” as China.

  • China is a strange nation, being brute forced one time as China and Japan still failed to loose take out and to this day, I still have no idea how I kept the Flying Tigers alive.

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