• My Name is zack7979 an I would like to introduce my self to all the GREATS on the mighty forum. I have been playing 30 years now and thinking I was the only A&A custom content thinker uper. I know that’s not a word… I see a wealth of Info on this site and YouTube. This make me feel that I not a lone in my geekier ways and ideas. I have a few questions?? #1 How do Yall and yes Im from the Great state of Texas and I’m not sorry for this. Sorry got side tracked how do yall are what program do yall use to make and print up the amazing charts and other neat things?? #2 Have any of yall used 1/2400 scale ships?? Good, Bad other the ugly?? #3 Have any of yall used 15mm minis like tanks and artillery and other things I know that 15mm scale is to large for planes. #4 have yall thought about using a battle board system like memoir 44 board and modified rules to run battles?? #5 last but not least have yall heard of Gear Krieg?? I was asking because I was at one time wanting to make house rules and make my own conversion units for the game, Kinda like a alternative history twist. I would like to closing in saying Howdy to all the Greats.
    I am sorry if I posted this on the wrong heading. Please help so I can learn… I would like to rise up threw the ranks and be like the great ones… Thank Yall very munch.

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    Wats upp Zack, I’m from Canada eh?.. so we should understand each other just fine. Aboat the software to create game aids… I use Adobe eh? youse guise should try it. Not sure about any of that other stuff, but anyway… welcome to the forums.

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    Hi Zack, Welcome!

    I use Gimp for imaging software.

    As for ships I have found 1/3500 - 1/4000 work the best.  1/2400 is too large although they would look awesome, lol.

    For tanks I use some large tanks for Heavy tank.  We play tech a lot with our group and having larger tank sculpts helps you differentiate.

  • gimp sounds easy to use… could you post some sample files so I could try tinkering around with it?? thank yall very munch.

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    There are some examples under my Customization thread.


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    zack7979, I’m a fellow Texan, so your in good company. I can’t answer any of the questions you asked, but wanted to welcome you to the forums.

    Cheers! 😄

    John Brown

  • Where are you from John Brown??

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    Having grown-up in Texas (including learning and playing A&A mostly in TX), I can assure you that people don’t actually say “Y’all” every three seconds. I did later move to Florida as all old people are forced to do in the US.

    However, this is totally true about Texas:

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    Welcome Zack - I use Microsoft Publisher for most of my charts, cards etc.

    I discovered Axis and Allies while living in Texas in the late 1980’s (Baytown, near Houston) though I was raised in St. Louis and now live in Illinois.

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    Where are you from John Brown??

    I live by Paris, Texas, which is Northeast, by the Texas and Oklahoma border, in a community called Reno, outside of Paris.

  • I feel very welcomed and thank yall for that…

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    I feel very welcomed and thank yall for that…

    Glad to have you in the family. 🙂

  • Happy Fathers day to all

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