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    1st time posting long time reader. My question is simple, it concerns the USSR and Alaska. Can Allied ground forces cross the gap between USSR and Alaska, or is a transport required? If so what instances is it ok? I’ve been combing through the rule books but do not see it mentioned. Thanks in advance for your collective knowledge.

  • You need transports Dark 394.

    Glad to see you breaking your posting virginity!  :wink:

  • thanks private panic appreciate the help. Is this stated in the rule book? I know one of the jack legs I play with will want chapter and verse especially if it helps there cause one way or the other. There is always “that guy” in every group that has to see it to be true.

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    I don’t know that it’s stated in the rulebook. It should be self evident though because they are 2 different land masses, 2 different territories, separated by a body of water. Tell your friend he has to roll a 7 on a six sided die and if he’s successful he can use the time machine to go back to the ice age and cross the sea, or put his land units on a transport. His choice.

  • For some more hard geographical evidence (in case your group member doesn’t accept the “logic” explanation), the Bering Strait never completely freezes due to the strong currents in the area.  So it’s not like it would be frozen and easy to walk across.  You would need to jump from ice chunk to ice chunk to make it across.  Not exactly suitable travel conditions for an army.

  • oh man thats most hilarious General GH.

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    There is always “that guy” in every group that has to see it to be true.

    I know that guy!

    The section “Canals and Narrow Straits” in the Europe Rulebook on pages 8 and 9 indicates the only points on that map at which sea crossings may be made without the requirement for transports (Panama Canal, Suez Canal, and Turkish Straits).  The fact that there is no similar section in the Pacific Rulebook indicates that there are no such areas on that map.

    I hope this helps.  However, since I know the absence of a rule isn’t always enough for that guy, you can just tell him I said so!

  • Thanks Krieghund, that helps a lot. Often times in our game group the games just drone on and on due to rules questions and arguments. A game that should only take…. well a round even often takes to long due to rules questions/arguments.

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    Also, both the US and Russia have to be at war with Japan.  If one or the other is neutral on the Pacific board, troops and equipment from one can not enter territories of the other.

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    Why not ask if you need a transport to cross the Tasman sea. Heck, people can swim the English Channel so therefore no transport should be required, right?

    Fair dinkum. This has got to be one of the weirdest A&A questions I’ve heard.

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