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  • Can someone explain the relationship between UK/ ANZAC/ CANADA? Do the 3 countries share 1 income? According to the Global rules my friend got online from this website it sounds like its UK with 2 Minor allies. So is the income IPCS all together?  Can you barrow income from one to the other?  How do the DUTCH fit in to this relationship?

    I just need some clarification on this topic and a couple other things. I’m new to playing this set and the game “Axis and Allies” itself.

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    Hi Shmolzer and welcome to the forum.

    UK and Anzac are played entirely separately. Everything is done separately and no borrowing is allowed. Anzac is a power in its own right.

    Canada is played as part of UK.

    The UK is played as one power, but split into 2 separate economies - Europe and Pacific. Canada appears on both the Europe and Pacific boards, but when combined into Global, the whole of Canada becomes part of the UK’s Europe economy. These two economies perform purchases and placement separately, having separate incomes, but they move and combat together as a single power.

    The Dutch are merely spaces on the board waiting to be occupied by one of the powers, albeit that they are hostile territories for the Axis and friendly ones for the Allies. Japan has to declare war on the allies in order to occupy Dutch territories.

    Good luck! 🙂

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    The basic rules are a lot of fun, but you could potentially play them as one giant tan power (or UK Pac and UK Eur together and leave ANZAC separate) for simplicity’s sake, and it would make for some interesting new possibilities.

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    I believe that Shmolzer is talking about Global War from HBG. Welcome to A%A.Org Shmolzer, here is the section that deals with that game;

    I’m sure if you post your questions there people will help you find answers.

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    Ha! 😄

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    There are also some house rules that have Canada played seperately from UK Europe.

  • Thanks for the “welcomes” guys! I’m excited to be part of this forum cause I love to play AA, But I’m new to the game so I’m still trying to figure things out. Of anyone has suggestions on playing UK, Canada and Anzac I would welcome your input. Should I push for a house rule on letting Canada have a factory to start off with cause the set up we play they dont, so I always have to save to buy a factory the 1st 2 turns.

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    Shmolzer - I just replied to your PM as below - however taking a helicopter view I would say stop worrying about Canada, which is just part of the UK and rarely needs a factory, or even Anzac, which is a lesser Power, and as allies focus on the three main Powers - Russia, UK & USA. Get those wrong and being a master with Canada and Anzac will do you no good.

    How are you going to use the UK & US to help Russia to survive the Axis onslaught? 😄



    Thanks for the clarification. I’m new to playing A & A and I think I jumped into it too fast against a very experienced player. I just have troubles cause I can’t ever figure out what to do with Canada and Anzac, by the time I’m able to make an impact with them it’s either too late or its pointless. I usually buy a factory round 1 for Canada cause they don’t start off with 1 and subs with Anzac to keep Japan honest.

    Any suggestions?

    Hi Shmolzer

    There is not much to be done with Canada except get the units there somewhere more useful. I normally get the across the Atlantic to North Africa. I do not find a factory there to be of much value, as they are part of the UK economy and the income in Canada helps to pay for UK purchases elsewhere on the board.

    Anzac is different though. It can hassle Japan by trading the money islands. Japan may attempt to block this, but the US goes after Japan and can kill those blockers, allowing Anzac transports through. So my Anzac purchases will likely include at least one transport and the ground units to go on it per turn. The US provides the naval units to protect these.

    Hope this helps.

    Adam (PP)

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    There’s two main house rules for Canada. One is the Halifax rules which basically includes Canada as part of ANZAC.

    Second is the one in Triplea. Canada as its own power and develops from BM3. This is not so easy for table top games because Canada doesn’t have its own set of units. Perhaps you can paint a bunch.

    Neither of these rules have gained a huge amount of interest or acceptance.

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