• Today, 73 years ago, thousands upon thousands of men stormed the beaches of Normandy to kick off the liberation of Europe. They landed on 5 Beaches. The British at Sword and Gold Beaches, The Canadians at Juno Beach, and the Americans at Utah and the Infamous Omaha Beach.

    However, these were not the only landings on the coast of Normandy. US Rangers scaled a large cliff at Point du Hoc to destroy German Artillery pieces that threated the landing beaches.

    Airborne landings made by the Allies were scattered. Some missed their target. Others did not fare as well. Slowly over the day, they began to regroup and take their objectives.

    Here are some casualty numbers from the day.

    Total Allied Losses: 10,249

    American:  6,603
    Canadian: 946
    United Kingdom: 2,700

    Total Axis Losses: 4000 - 9000

    The total number of German losses are estimated as we do not know the true number.

    The US lost about 2000 men storming Omaha beach alone. Why?

    Several things went wrong. The bombers missed their target by miles. Instead of hitting the beaches, they hit farther inland instead.

    The German Artillery pieces were missing and the US Rangers had to find and destroy them.

    Airborne troops were so scattered that they were in groups of 2 or 3 with 1 or 2 weapons between them. One often being a sidearm or a bayonet. And yet they took their objectives, often fighting with German weapons.

    Very few US tanks made it on the beach. The ones that did were destroyed by the Germans almost at once.

    I hope you remember those who survived. And those who have fallen, as they have made the true sacrifice.

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    Thank you for the time to writ that up. I never forget the 6th June amd to spare  a thought fir the men who were there.

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    As a true American, all I can say is… “June 6th… A date that will live, in INFAMY! Abraham Lincoln made it all possible. Remember the Alamo!”

  • LOL.

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