• The group I play with usually has a hard time tracking buys in their head so I put together a mobilization helper to assist with the purchasing phase of the game for A&A 1940.  It is HTML based with styles/scripts included so that it can be downloaded and used offline without requiring extra packages (i.e. jQuery, stylesheets) and doesn’t connect to anything outside the page.  Please feel free to provide any feedback!  Testing was limited to Chrome (in developer mode), IE, and my Samsung S5.

    Link to the file is below (it’s hosted on Dropbox and should include https and www but I am a noob and not allowed to post links yet).
    You can download and open with any HTML viewer (Chrome, IE, Firefox, etc.)

  • TripleA

    In TripleA, this is very similar to the purchase UI that already exists (shows number you chose and adds up the costs). Though we eventually want to expand on this to potentially allow users to be able to plan where they want to place them and display reminders on the territories. It would also save this info so you could then essentially choose to just confirm previous decisions when the actual place step occurs (not have to try and remember where you wanted them).

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