1940 Global Players - Western Maryland Players I-81 Corridor

  • Yeah, I have trouble with messages, I can’t see my messages I sent out. I just see replies.

    I received your replay and I did send out another group message. Let me know here if you didn’t get it.

  • I’ve been replying to some of the messages, but I’m not sure if they were personal messages or public?

    Anyway, I’m definitely in to get a group together on a weekend - I live in Hagerstown but am willing to travel if needed.

    I won’t be able to play the weekend of July 8/9 though.

  • Sunday, July 9 works for me too. However, according to Neverland’s Google page, they don’t open until 11:00am on Sundays. Can you confirm that, IntoTheBreach? If so, that may throw a wrench into our plans.

    I want to make the most of everybody’s time, so it just makes sense to me to get as much gaming time as possible out of the day.


    PS - Any chance we can carry this conversation over into email? I can be much more responsive if it’s not over the A&A forums (because it’s blocked on my work PC for some reason, so I have to write these messages on my phone).

  • Steele, send me your email address by personal message.

  • I live in Chambersburg, PA and would be willing to travel to Hagerstown if that’s where you are currently having a group meet. I played constantly from 12-18 but would love to get into a regular group.

    Thanks, Mike

  • Hi Mike,

    There will be one coming up at some time in Htown. If you can PM me an email address I’ll include you in on a group email of guys that play periodically.

  • Hi, I’m in Sykesville and play

    E40, P40, G40, 1914, DDay, Bulge, minis, minis War at Sea, minis Angels 20


  • Hey man, Check your in box. I’ve PM’d you. Thanks!

  • Hi,

    I live in Frederick County, MD.  I am very new to Axis and Allies.  In fact, I just bought 1942 Second Edition and I’m still learning it.  However, I would love to find people to play with.  I’m open to learning other versions as long as you don’t mind a newbie slowing you down initially.

  • Hi LeatherNeck,

    Sorry for the late response. Life has been busy for me lately. We have a group of guys that get together sporadically. Now that the weather’s warm play has cooled down a bit. I hope to have a game in late July or August in Hagerstown. I’m not a well seasoned player myself. Some of the guys in the group are really good and some are totally new to it. If you like, send me an email address and I will add you to an email chain (8 other guys) we use to get games together. It’s easier to use than this clunky message board.

    Game on

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