Re: Summer 2017 Battle of Britain on 11th June - SEE BATTLE REPORT

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    Oh I do look forward to these …… 😄

    This all day event will be held in Derbyshire, UK.

    We currently have 6 players, including three from this forum, and will play two games, at least one of which will be probably be 1942.2.

    If you are interested in joining us then please either reply to this thread in Events or send a PM to Private Panic.

    The Battle Reports for our previous events (posted on this board below) will show you how much fun we have!

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    Captain Witt begs to be excused on account of  battle wounds.

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    We will miss you Witt.

    If you still cannot drive come the next one I will come down band pick you up!

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    Wow! For the first time ever we managed to complete the first game so quickly we could follow-on with a second.

    We had 5 players and selected powers randomly for a game of 1942.2, the allies being afforded a 15 bid.

    In the first game we had Dave & Adam (Private Panic) as Japan and Germany vs Mark (Credulous), Tomas (Dukla Passer) & Jeremy as UK, US and Russia respectively.

    Russia attacked both West Russia and Ukraine, but failed in the latter. Germany countered by destroying the R stack in West Russia. 😮 Although all G air were allocated to that attack, G still managed to wipe out almost every allied ship in the Western hemisphere with few losses. :evil:

    The allies never recovered from Private Panic’s military genius. :lol: Moscow fell in turn 3, with no prospect of a north Atlantic fleet to bring aid to Russia and Japanese divisions marching through China to attack Russia from the east.

    The first game was over so quickly we decided to play another, but this time with a 5 minute limit of both the purchase/combat move phase and then also on the non-combat move phase. Powers were again allocated randomly with a 15 bid to the allies, this time with Mark & Dave as G and J vs Adam, Jeremy & Tomas as UK, US and Russia respectively.

    By the end of turn six G had captured both Moscow and India, although much of the hard fighting was done by J, with G gaining the benefit. That’s what Dave, the Emperor of J, kept saying and we believed his every word. 😉 Despite this the Allies had a significant fleet off the coast of northern Europe, trading France, and had captured the money islands, so income was pretty level. The axis players convinced themselves they were winning regardless and fisticuffs would have resulted had not the allies, being gentlemen :-D, offered to allow the game to be decided by two battles – in France and at Leyte Gulf – in both of which the axis had the advantage.

    The axis won both engagements and fisticuffs were avoided. The axis departed as winners, but the allies as the better men! 😛

    There may be some alternative views to this official history, but don’t believe them! :roll:

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    History is written by the victors.
    So I don’t believe you, PP.

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    Surprise! You are not completely daft then Leo! 😮

  • If you want a more impartial battle report Leo.

    Basically the allies got massacred both games.

    In the first one the Allied dice rolling on turn 1 was ridiculously poor (they lost about 4 battles they should have won, and capitulated in West Russia in a battle they should have lost but in a manner way worse than they should have). To the point where the game was lost immediately. The Axis made no mistakes in capitalising on this good fortune however.

    Second game was essentially won by a cunning move to take Caucasus with Germany and then reinforce with stack of Japanese planes, meaning Germany got off Moscow too quick for the Allies to really recover. Russian stack also abandoned Moscow but in a moment of madness moved to Kazakh so were still adjacent to the German stack so got wiped out anyway…

    At the point we finished Allied income was collapsing due to SBRs on Britain combined with capture of its Empire (India plus Africa being mopped up) meaning the game was heading into foregone conclusion territory.

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    We will play Larry’s suggested new Tournament set up in
    Our Next gane then. I hate it when the baddies win!

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    Impartiality is for wimps! 😛

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    If you want a more impartial battle report Leo.

    Even if only marginally so!

  • Lol sad to have missed this one, great that you got managed to fit a couple of games in the day 🙂

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    Hi h0lym0nk

    Shame you could not join us this time. You will have seen that the autumn one is on October 15th. Hope you will be able to come to that?

    I am currently sorting the date for the winter one so watch this board for that.

    Adam (PP)

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