1914 - Add spice to the game with couple of changes

  • Make these changes:

    SZ31: Create new SZ31 by splitting SZ17 in half at a point on border between SZ16 and SZ17 below Sicily and extending to point where Albania borders Greece.
    Switzerland: Is impassable.

    Move any 1 GE SS from existing SZ to new SZ31.
    Add 1 GE CA to SZ26.
    Remove UK TR from SZ2.
    Add 1 UK SS to SZ8.
    Remove 1 OE CA from SZ20.
    Add 1 OE TR to SZ20.
    Remove 1 RU CA from SZ21.
    Add 1 RU SS to SZ21.

    Delayed Ottoman Entry:
    Ottoman Empire or Bulgaria cannot be attacked unless the Ottomans first do one of the following; mobilize any additional units (including those for attacked neutrals), make any attacks, or allow CP units to enter any OE occupied territories.  While OE is sitting out the war, their mines are not in play, and their naval forces are restricted to SZ19 and 20.  
    Notes: If other CP ships are attacked in a SZ with OE ships, OE can choose to enter the battle on defense - but must declare that intention before AP player decides to make their attack roll.  
    If OE enters Bulgaria, they can defer the mobilization until the build phase when OE enters the war.  If OE does not defer, OE enters the war immediately.
    Neutral Albania:

    Albania starts game as a neutral.  At start of turn 3, it becomes minor-aligned with Italy or France (AP choice).
    Neutral Portugal:
    Portugal is neutral, unless CP attacks Angola or PEA.  If ANG or PEA attacked by CP, Portugal becomes minor-aligned FR or UK (AP choice).  If ANG or PEA are occupied by AP, Portugal remains neutral.

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