Twilight Struggle?

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    Played my first game of the above last weekend with Credulous, also of this Forum.

    Intriguing game. Not sure I understand it all yet, but looking forward to another game.

    Perhaps next time I will win? 😢

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    This is THE game that made me take a break from Axis and Alliesa few years ago. When i discovered it, i just couldn’t stop playin it.

    Now, you can play it online for free on,  or way better, you can purchase it on steam for less than 20$ and have players ready to play at all time online.

    Here is the best site/forum to learn how to play, to understand all what you can do with each card :

    It’s a game of “damage control”. You have to play a lot of your oponent’s good events on yourself and the way you manage those events will eventually decides who will be the winner.

    Give this game a good shot (at least 4-5 games), and you will love it. After all, it has been number 1 game on boardgamegeeks for many years before that ridiculous "pandemie legacy crap " stole the 1st place.

    If you have any question, don’t hesitate.

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    Thanks for that Axisplaya. Really helpful. I will take a look at your link.


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    Axisplaya - just to let you know that I have downloaded the strategy guide from the link and will try to read the general strategy section before my next game.

    Thanks again.

  • I absolutely love this game!!!

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    Just played my second game and Credulous beat me again - the swine! 😛

    I was just one card away from victory at one point too. Grrr! :roll:

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    This one seems more like a traditional Avalon Hill political semi-wargame, but not a wargame at all.  Agree it sounds really cool, in the vein of Diplomacy, which is before my time.

    There is also Republic of Rome, an AH game along similar lines but with the Roman Senate.  Love this one, equally hard to find players.

    FF did “New Angeles” which I have, but have not played.  This is a “everyone together but everyone apart” game where there can be more than one winner and the whole crew can lose.  Its a kind of cooperative/competitive that is seems like a great idea–don’t let the city riot or we all lose.

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    Anybody want to play a game of Twilight Struggle using Vassal? It’s free, it looks nice, and it supports both live play and PBEM play.

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