Metal Flight Stands - Status update - Jan 21, 2018 - IN STOCK

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    $11.95 US for shipping?  And am I correct that PayPal is the only payment option?  Am I missing something from the website?

    All prices listed are Canadian.

    $11.95 Canadian (approx $9 us) for shipping is our base amount (higher weights have a higher shipping price based on current Canada Post rates).
    $9.95 Canadian for 10 stands + 10 magnets (approx $8 us).

    Paypal is our payment gateway however you can use credit card through Paypal and do not have to have a Paypal account to do so.

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    I have now received 110 of these stands and can say they are awesome!

    Grabbed some Italians as well liked them so much….

    Just made another order for a tad more Italians to flesh out my army and ordered the IPC poker chips. Have custom poker chips made by Game Knight but these IPC chips well feel right at home playing Global War 36’ or any Axis & Allies game.

    Especially since my nine year old son is interested in the games.

    Thank you I Will Never Grow Up!

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