2nd Battle of Long Island 4/29 brief game reports.

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        The 2nd battle of Long Island took place on 4/29 and went from 930AM until about 9pm. In total 6 games of Global 40 were played although one was started late in the day and was called as a dicer. In total there were 3 Axis win and 3 allies wins. Bids ranged from 12 to 23 for the allies. 
        The game of the day was a 8.5 hour battle that could have went longer. The bid was 23 (2 British destroyers on each side of med and a transport by SA). The Pacific was more or less stalemated with big fleets facing off. This game was close but Germany made a big push and took Moscow with 17 tanks surviving. The British were still strong in Persia and Egypt and the WA had a small Beachhead in West Germany but the Allied player was gracious and felt the Axis had the upper hand.
        Another game matched a very experienced team against a team that over rated their own experience and who wanted the game even when this was explained to them. The experienced team took the allies with 12 as a courtesy and the game was a rout. Germany lost 9 airplanes turn 1, and Japan attacked turn 1 did not hit Yunnan and was defeated in the Philippines. By turn 5 Russia had taken Romania, Hungary, and Poland, China was strong and sitting on the Burma road. 
        Although I did not catch all the games there was a late day rematch between 2 teams that had played in Jan. The team playing the Axis got their revenge when they pulled off a Sea Lion and had some good dice.
          One of the nice touches for our day was when a Father bought his 8 year old son who had been watching u Tube videos of the game and had the basic 1941 game. He played for awhile as Italy and understood quite a bit.
          We had old games and painted pieces for sale and it was a big success. Hopefully we will do it again soon. We have done this 3 times and also played up in CT. We welcome new players and will try to do better at matching up newer players. We do have a team that is 8-0 in these type of contest and also finished 1st, 2nd third at the WBC 2 years ago and we had a couple of great games going. Please join us.
              Thanks to all who came.

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    Sounds like you had a great day. Thanks for sharing these battle reports.

    Our UK event is very much smaller and yet great fun. I can only imagine what it must be like to have so many players and games going on. Fantastic!

  • I have gone to the two events that happened this year and they were a blast. Everyone there is easy to get along with, and mustang does a great job as host. I was on the losing end of that sea lion event, and I hope to settle the score next time around. 🙂 Can’t wait!

  • Battle of Long Island…?! when is next event?

  • Hi All
        This is our 3rd battle of Long Island and 4th event at the church. We have had between 15 and 26 people. It is in Whitestone Queens NY from 10am till 10pm or so. Lately most are playing Global 40 2nd edition with bid for allies. We have an undefeated team that also has the 1st, 2nd 3rd place finishers from the WBC. We welcome less experienced players. We are starting to do match ups and records if you like. Mostly have Fun and Play hard with other great Axis and Allies People. In the past we played the Anniversary Game, 1914, Spring 42 and the Revised edition lately mostly global 40. Bring a team, join a Team or if your a veteran and play fast you can run an entire board. We have a Fridge, light snacks served, plenty of parking, we ask for 10.00 for the church. Last time we had a guy sell old games, flea market is welcome but it is about playing. If you are on a team you can play in 2 games at once. Save Sat. 23rd for this…!!!
                    Any questions

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