• I was wondering if the pieces in this set are exactly the same as the ones in 1940 Europe/Pacific 2nd Editions, other than the instances in which they are listed as being different (like the Russian transports - Liberty/Baltic Timber). Thanks!

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    It depends what you mean by identical.  For example: some of the artillery and anti-aircraft artillery pieces in the two games are supposed to represent the same actual model of WWII military hardware, but in actuality the sculpts have appreciable differences in shape if you look closely.  Two instances I can recall off the top of my head are the breech of the German artillery unit and the muzzle brake of the Russian AAA unit.  It’s nothing that would be noticeable when you see the units in play on the map board, but to piece junkies like me the differences are enough for me to put them in a separate tray and categorize them as collector’s variants.

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    To answer his question more directly… if I’m not mistaken, there is NO DIFFERENCE (other than nitpicking*) between 1942SE units and 1940SE units unless otherwise stated.

    I’m not sure the purpose of your question, but if its to order more/additional units of the same type from someplace like HBG, you can freely order 1940SE units to bolster 1942SE bins (or vice-versa), as I have done much the same.

    If you’re looking for units that ARE different, try looking at 1941… it has different units (like Tigers instead of Panthers and FW-190s instead of ME-109s).

    *And Marc… I used to consider myself a “piece junkie” until I read your comment… I obviously am not a piece junkie because I never noticed that… I’ve personally ordered a ton of 1940SE units to bolster my 1942SE bins and have never noticed any differences.

  • I guess a follow up question would be, did they provide enough units in the box to really play the games without bolstering the sets, either through purchase of additional units or combining of sets?

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    If you’re speaking of 1942SE, yes, there’s enough units in 1942SE to play the game as-is out of the box… of course this will be in a combination of chips that come with the game as well (like stick an infantry on a green chit (3 units) to represent 4 infantry units [1 for the unit + 3 for the chit]). There’s nothing wrong with the unit count in 1942SE, there’s plenty of units if you play the game “as intended”…

    Personally, I don’t play the game “as intended”, I custom ordered a larger map (to accommodate more units), I hate chits, and I want 4 infantry units not 1 infantry and a 3-chit to represent my armies… personal pet peeve of mine that would annoy many I suppose, so I ordered a ton of extra units to make sure I don’t run out and can play (at least mostly), chit-free.

    For people not crazy like me, 1942SE is a good value game… you get a lot for your investment, including a good healthy number of units, and more than enough to play the standard game as-intended. Note, I also purchased 1941, which (while cheap), is not loaded with enough units to play comfortably… 1941 is as bare-bones as bare-bones gets, and there’s BARELY enough units to just place the starting armies on the board… this is NOT the case with 1942SE, which has plenty of units.

    As for 1940SE Global, I don’t own or play the game, so I cant speak with 100% certainty of the unit count for the typical game… I’m going to guess based on its price and how it compares with 1942SE, I imagine 1940 comes with enough out of the box (I never heard people gripe about 1940)… I’m sure someone else will confirm this… as with others on this forum though, some people just like to stack the unit boxes “just to be sure” even though the base games come with enough. Out of the entire series, the only one I would say “no, you need more than what comes in the box” would be 1941. 1942SE has plenty out of the box, I’m just a crazy person who hates using chits.

    I combined the unit bins of 1941/1942SE together and use the same units for either game… a German Infantry is a German Infantry is a German Infantry, etc, etc… and while some of the units may look different (say a black German Tiger tank from 1941 vs a black German Panther tank from 1942), its still clear you’re dealing with a German tank and I like the option of deploying either Panthers or Tigers to the front (even though there’s obviously no-difference in-gameplay). This allowed me to play 1941 without worrying about it’s low unit-count and (as previously mentioned) helped with my insane desire to play chit-free in 1942 (plus further bolstering from HBG)… once again, don’t confuse my medical condition of chitaphobia to meaning there’s anything short in 1942… 1942 ships with plenty of units for normal play.

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    I also got this special affliction called “chitaphobia”…

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    What do you do when there are 32 infantry on Karelia and 35 on Moscow?  Standing room only?

    One serious problem with this game is that without any unit upkeep or space limits, there is also no limit to how big/messy turtle time can get

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    What do you do when there are 32 infantry on Karelia and 35 on Moscow? Standing room only?

    One serious problem with this game is that without any unit upkeep or space limits, there is also no limit to how big/messy turtle time can get

    I play “mostly chit free”… I never said 100% chit free. Obviously when you have to, you have to (looking at you Moscow)… of course this is 1942, not 1940, so the stacks usually don’t get too crazy… however I have a large pool for each country (I have 70 infantry and 30 tanks for each country in my bins for example, which is a lot for 1942)… so it takes awhile to force the use of chits, and its minimal usage at best in my games.

    I have, however played games where not a single chit went on board, and those always make me happy.

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